Women over 35 and denim Baggy bag?

  1. Do you think the baggy bag is appropriate for women over 35? How old is too old for this bag, especially the pink one?
  2. my mom is 60 yo and she wants a denim pleaty I think it's so cute!
  3. Age has nothing to do with it. Try one on at the boutique and get opinions. Personally, I love the pink and I'm 37. It's all in how you carry yourself!
  4. I am 42 and would wear this type of bag with casual outfits. :yes: However, I would prefer it in another color.
  5. I def. don't think age matters! it's all about what suits you, your look, and your style.....Denise Richards is walking around with a couple of these and she's like 35 going on 36.....I don't usually view age as a factor.....
  6. Is she that old already? I thought she was only around 30.:P She does look younger though.

    For 35+, I probably would pick the blue color for baggy bag.:shame:
  7. yep, I'm pretty sure she was born in 71, I've followed her acting a little throughout the years and I know she's like 4 years older than me....
  8. age is definitely not an issue here. it's like the Multicolore line: some people are afraid they're too old for such a trendy line, but my mom will be 49 in a month and she has more Multicolore items than i do :lol:.

    that being said, though, blue is definitely the best color for women over 35. it somehow looks more cosmopolitan for them. my mom has a blue Pleaty and Neo-Speedy :yes:.
  9. No worries - Im 36 and own the smaller version in fuschia, also the denim pleaty. Wear what you want and feel good about it. Hey, I still wear short skirts!
  10. I don't think age has anything to do with the right purse, it's the personality that counts and wether you love it or not that matters.
  11. Never too old for denim...or pink for that matter!

    bb10lue has that bag with a longer strap and wears it messenger-style, which looks great IMO. There's a pic in the Visual Aids thread.
  12. Well I am 30, and I am totally in love with that bag. I do think the pink would be too young for me personally but I do not think that bag has an age limit. The blue or green would look great on anyone!
  13. i agree with much of what has already been said. When it comes to bags age does not matter.
  14. Well Denise Richards is 32 give or take and the bag looks great on her,
    I have the bag and love it, i'm in that age group.
  15. I don't think it's too young for you. I say if you like it, go for it!