Women NOT from / live in the US - do you wear your e-ring everyday?

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  1. I was just recently in Thailand and noticed that a majority of women don't wear their e-rings everyday - this includes some of my married friends. This is in China too (I've been living here since May). It's even so much more rare to see a e-ring and wedding ring combo like in the US.

    In Thailand, the e-ring is presented in front of family members RIGHT BEFORE the wedding (usually a few hours before!) and engagements and weddings are almost always on the same day where you do the engagement in the AM and do the wedding reception in the PM. And even with that, I don't really see wedding rings presented, the girl gets an e-ring ring, and the man gets a wedding band.

    What's customary where you're from? :graucho:
  2. Cool question! Can't wait to read the responses!
  3. I live in the US but my mom is from Latin America/Caribbean area.
    She wore her e-ring every day both back where she's from and after she moved here.

    What was different is that although she did have a diamond, this was not standard, her friends mostly had colored gemstones (their birthstones by preference) for their e-ring.

    She was married around 1955. Her mother's generation (married between 1920and 193), did NOT wear their e-rings everyday. IN fact, once they married, they took the e-ring off and wore a very WIDE and visible plain gold wedding band. They would only put their e-rings on for special occasions/dress-up affairs and then would wear them on their right hands, not on the left along with the wedding band. They were very against anything, even an e-ring 'taking attention away from the wedding band.' I think my Mom's generation wearing the e-ring everyday was from the influence of US advertising/movies. And now, with more of said influence, they all have diamond e-rings, no colored stones anymore.

    I find that my friends in the US wear e-rings or not according to the size/convenience. Those with smaller or lower-set diamonds wear them all the time; those with larger (more than 1.5 carat) or very high set, or some shape such as marquise or a princess with pointy edges, tend not to wear them all the time. And the bigger the stone, the more likely they are to live in the safe rather than on the hand (especially once there are children).
  4. What kind of gold are the diamonds in Thailand and China set in?

    If its that 24k that they traditionally get for the wedding (as a kind of dowry), you can't easily wear that everyday even if it doesn't have diamonds--my friends with 24k gold jewelry are at the repair shop often. Even 22k (more practical, repair shop less) doesn't hold stones well at all, even when bezel set and sunk in really low (and when they are softer stones, like emeralds)
  5. Hi ladies,

    I am Thai. But now i'm live in US.

    Yes you are correct!! In Thailand we have only E-ring we donot have a wedding band. Also we more likely wear it only for special occasion. However, I believe now the new generation are more likely to wear it almost everyday but still we do not hv a wedding bad :smile: lucky for a guy hahaha..........

  6. In Thailand we mostly use 99k of gold.
  7. May I ask, what is 99K? I never heard of that before.
  8. ^Probably the equivalent of 24k (99/100 parts gold)
  9. hi, newbie here.. I'm from Indonesia, yeah right E-ring is not very popular to almost all of us, there is no wedding ring/wedding band in our tradition.. but the brides get some yellow gold for wedding gift (bracelet, necklace, rings), but its only when they can afford it.
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    Most of my friends in Thailand get 18K or plat + .from .75 above diamonds as an e-ring but as form of a dowry gift, it's usually 22-24K gold which they keep in a safe etc. Also it's common for an e-ring to be accompanied with a necklace or earring set too - this is also part of the gift.

    With the e-ring, it's more common that color is not as important as clarity in Thailand. However, for my bestie's wedding, she received a 3ct D color VVS1 which was spectacular. SPECTACULAR. She keeps this in a safe though and wears her 1ct J VS2 promise ring as her everyday.
  11. This is a very interesting thread! I *love* reading about customs especially in regards to jewelry from other parts of the world.
  12. I live in Canada but work much of the time in China. None of the women in the office here wear either a wedding band or a wedding ring. In fact, they don't wear much jewellery at all. Some have e-rings, but they only wear them for special occasions.

    I also have friends from Germany and the Netherlands - in their late 50s or early 60s. When they wear their e-rings, they wear them on their right hand.

    I also have a Ukrainian-Canadian friend who has a gorgeous e-ring that she designed herself. Her wedding band is very wide and irregular in its outline, so when she wears her e-ring, which is rarely, she wears it on her right hand.
  13. Where I am, in South East Asia, a wedding ring is the engagement ring. Well, it's not customary to get engaged. We just go straight to getting married. So wedding ring is the engagement ring. It can come in many forms but the common one is the solitaire diamond ring. Eternity ring as wedding ring is not common.

    Also for us Chinese, based on a chinese saying, husbands wear their rings on their left and wives on their right.
  14. I'm from the UK, and I don't have an engagement ring, but my mother wears her engagement ring everyday, on the same hand as her wedding ring. It's diamond, and most are, but I think coloured stones aren't particularly unusual for that generation.

    One of my grandmothers just wore her engagement ring on special occasions, or to church on a Sunday. Her ring is just paste and she wore it with her wedding ring when she did wear it.

    My other grandmother didn't have one, but wore her wedding ring everyday until she lost it in a haystack.
  15. Ah, with the German lady I know, I don't think she had an engagement ring and her wedding ring looked like it was made out of wood or something?