Women in the Media, Do they affect your Body Image?

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  1. I think that most women, if the occasion arose, would love to change something about their appearance. Do you think that the women most prominantly portrayed in the media have an effect on your perception of what the ideal body is? This topic could easily be argued either ways, and I'm interested to learn what you ladies have to say about it. In my opinion, I feel that thinness is being valued more than anything else in celebrity bodies lately... here are some pictures of famous women who may, or may not, help to promote negative ( almost impossible) body ideals in women.





    ( comments on a celebrity gossip site, actually called evangeline lilly "waistless, with flabby legs and bum"...ridiculous!)

    Those are just a few examples of SO many. Do you let these images have an affect on you, and if so- would you argue that their thinness, as a whole, is harmful and promotes eating disorders in women and young girls?
  2. i think they definately do, even though we'd all like to deny it.
  3. Yes definitely! Being thin wasn't always praised. In the early 90's celebrities and models weighed much more. Just look at Cindy Crawford, she's thinner now than when she was modeling. America's ideal weight definitely changed. I'm a size 8 and I feel that I need to lose weight. Geez!
  4. I kind of worry about how men view women because of the media. I used to get SO PARANOID that my boyfriend would be disappointed because I don't look like the Maxim models!
  5. Definitely does, I had a class that was dedicated to that a couple semesters ago :lol:

  6. Speaking of men and disappointment. I hate when they show those commercials with fat beer belly bastards with hot chicks drinking beer...it gives ugly men the impression that if they drink more beer they'll get more chicks...or that these chicks are available to them in real life...seriously, that just sends the message that its okay for a man to be an ugly sack of crap and a woman has to be a model:huh: This seems to lead to some inflated expectations :lol:
  7. I agree, when is enough enough? Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, and sadly Hilary Duff has now adapted to the trend. These women all need to weigh under 100 lbs. easily! I am a size 3 and would feel GROSS if I stood next to any of these ladies. That is extremely sad.
    On another note, most of the girls listed above are teen idols! 3 of the five have been in movies/TV shows that are directed toward people under the age of 18!
  8. I swear 100% I don't have any issues with food, but seriously... I have a hard time eating in front of boys. Anybody else? I mean, I can really pack away the food in my wooden leg but I feel like that would really freak out a boy. :worried:

    They SAY they want a girl who can eat, but I don't think they do.

  9. Oh dear, me too! I have a boyfriend that I've been with for a long time now, but if I'm on a first date...no wait...first month or two with a guy I try to keep the eating to a minimum. Also, I don't like to eat at bars or places that men are bound to be sneaking a peek! What a sad world we live in!
  10. Oh yeah, the affect me, though I don't like admitting it! :P I work super hard on staying in shape (and getting in better shape) and I have really high standards for myself. I'm much more comfortable in my own skin now than I've ever been, I think it's part of growing up. When I was 16 I had issues with food for sure, and I think it's only getting worse among teens these days.
  11. i totally agree noriko! some of the guys i work with are totally beer-bellied, wing-eating, football-watching average joes, but they have such high expectations for the kind of girls they think they're going to date! come on, there are some average josephines out there that will appreciate a good man MUCH more than some skinny *****! not that some skinny ***** would ever go out with them...and they wonder why they continue to be single...
  12. If I see a lady carrying a nice handbag...of course, I wish I can have one just like that.

    If I see a lady who has nice body...of course, I wish I can have a body like that.

    Who wouldn't want to have the best of everything?

    Anyway, don't blame the media...blame God for giving us eyes to see things so we can recognize what is beautiful and what is not.
  13. The media doesn't influence me. If I think something is ugly/pretty I will regardless of what's in or out. You have to understand, the skinny skinny thing will be out. Ever heard of twiggy? Fashion goes through like cycles. I do care wha guys think, though. I hate how average or even ugly guys think they're God's gift to ladies. I think they need a look in the mirror. I don't eat infront of guys, either. I;m so afraid of looking like a piggy.
  14. I for one don't want to be Lara Flynn Boyle -esque. ie. "the bones sticking of your skin look." It motivates me to see healthy, toned women whether it be in the media or in the grocery store.

    As far as eating in front of men, if I'm hungry, I'm going to eat no matter who's with me or watching me. :P