Women In Suspenders !! In or Out ?

  1. [​IMG] (Luella Spring 2006 Photo

    from Style.com)

    Do any of you ladies like this look ? Do you wear suspenders ?

    I personally do not wear suspenders.
  2. IMHO big no. I didn't like it in the 80's, it's come around again and I still think it's ugly. And i just dated myself big time :lol:

  3. Never wore them ... never will ... .isn't it a very '80s look? I hated it then. Very "Butch" IMO.
  4. I personally do'nt wear suspenders. Never did and most likely never will :amuse:
  5. Nope. Not for me either.
  6. oh il leave that to madonna (along with the conic bras )
  7. I've worn suspenders before :shame: I wore them a lot in high school and once at my E115 presentation in college. I still have them but dont really wear them often, if at all. I dont know, I kind of really liked it.
  8. OMG!!! you have got to be kidding me! NO WAY! I think they should have been left in the 80s
  9. I thought they were cute in that episode of sex and the city when Carrie had jury duty....but, maybe only Carrie can wear them...
    I am not so fond of them worn this way...but, another way...for someone other than me...perhaps....
  10. If you are Diane Keaton, yes. Otherwise, probably not.
  11. Too me, always out!
  12. Yes, I liked it on Carrie on SATC. In fact, I've been looking for something like that. But definitely NOT worn that way like it is on the model. The reason it looked good on Carrie was because it looked sort of like a corset all the way up to the boobs, which I think is sexy.
  13. Not gonna happen..
  14. I guess if you have the body for them and you like them, then go for it. But not for me....
  15. I've worn them in highschool, but naaahhhh