Women in Engineering....

  1. anyone? Bueller? Just curious if there was anyone in this field subscribed to the forum. :yes:
  2. I wish I was in the Engineering program at my school. They have cool jackets.
  3. Sorry, I'm not. One of my good friends in college was an Engi-nerd, double major in CS and CE, she now works for Cisco systems rolling in the dough. She was one of the most beautiful people inside and out, that I ever knew. Smart cookie, too! I admire her :smile:
  4. Not me, although i considered chemical engineering.....Physics had me in a constant state of panic so i knew it wasnt for me, lol
  5. myself, pishi and mayajuliana are engineers.
  6. I am studying Electrical Engineering, I currently work as an Engineering Draftsperson and own 50% of a Automation & Process Control Engineering company.
  7. my sister is an engineer!
  8. I am still in school (almost done with my masters), but my majors are mechanical (mainly control) engineering, computer science, and mathematics. I work as a control/mechatronics engineer and plan on doing so for a while!

    Hello to all the fellow female eingineers!!
    A Q for all of you -- Do you like or dislike being a *rare species* in your job?
  9. I majored in Chem E in college, and have been working for almost 15 years. Honestly, you get used to working mostly with men. Not a biggie.
  10. I a "retired" engineer. LOL I still consider myself an engineer even though at the moment I am a SAHM.

    Majored in Biomedical Engineering. After a brief stint in the biomed field I went into firmware development. I specialized in communications technology and even have a couple patents.

    I still believe it is a male-dominated field. But I always like being the only woman on the team.

    Right now I'm toying with the idea of getting a job at the Apple store as a Mac Genius. I noticed those are always men too. Man, I just want one of those Apple T-shirts that say "Genius" ! LOL
  11. My baby sister is graduating this year as a Civil Engineer...sooo proud of her!
  12. I am! Glad to see there are more of us than I'd have thought! :feminist:I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering, but I've worked as a Systems Engineer for about 5 years now. Sometimes I like being the token woman...makes me feel special!
  13. My daughter is in engineering school.
  14. Yeah, more engineering purse lovers:yahoo:. One more mechanical engineer here! Gwenjune, token woman indeed, perfect description, am the only woman at where I've worked in the past 10 years! Lucky me, the guys could've cared less on what I am wearing or which bags am using, so no "lectures" or "brand" recognition problems.
  15. Yay!! Glad to see there are others! I am an ME and used to be the token woman but a few more have crept into my workplace. :tup: