Women have the Birkin, what do men have?

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  1. Men don't really have a classic Hermes piece, am I wrong?
  2. If you go to the Hermes website you can select Men's line and many bags will come up. That and I see lot's of men carrying Birkins on the Forum.
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  3. Yeah seems to me a lot of guys don't carry those items, but prefer the Birken because it's so classic.
  4. Not sure if you clicked on the link that @arrowcounted posted, but a quick glance and I see many men with Birkins.
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  5. I see that
  6. Ummm they have the Birkin,,,:whut:
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  7. As a guy, I actually carry my Kelly, Birkin, and Constance! Just depends on my mood for the day :smile:
  8. My guy friends also carry birkin, kelly, constance, pico, jige and kellycut. I think many of the bags are great for men and women!
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  9. Sorry I don't think I asked correctly. It seems like the guy bags aren't as trendy/classic as the trendy Birken. Seems like the Birken, Kelly, Constance are the only real classics.
  10. The Hermes HAC is very popular with men, especially in the larger sizes. It is often sold in the men's section if it is even displayed in the boutique. If I'm not mistaken, the HAC is the traditional steamer luggage that inspired the Birkin bag.
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  11. I own a Kelly bag and it is such a nice bag for daily office essentials.
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  12. I think it's more like women had the Kelly ad men had the HAC, then the Birkin came along and they could share.
  13. very true!
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