"Women defend against purse snatchers"--Had to have been some tpfers!!

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    Women teach suspects a very hard lesson

    MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. - It looks like a couple of suburban St. Louis purse snatchers picked the wrong women to attack. The victims fought back — with a snow shovel. Police in Maryland Heights released details of the Sunday incident outside a Schnucks grocery store. The women were unloading groceries when the thieves tried to steal two purses from their cart.
    One of the women grabbed a shovel from the suspects' pickup and smacked one of the men upside the head. The other woman jumped into the cab and attacked the other suspect, then grabbed the keys so he couldn't drive away.
    Police tracked the men to a hotel. The man struck with the shovel required staples to close the gash in his head.
    Both are jailed and charged with robbery.
  2. wonderful!!!
  3. Awesome! :boxing:
  4. WOOOO!!!!! wait to go!! i'm just glad those women didn't get hurt; you always take a risk when you fight back! that teaches robbers not to mess with women who LOVE their purses ;)
  5. WOOOO!!!!! wait to go!! i'm just glad those women didn't get hurt; you always take a risk when you fight back! that teaches robbers to mess with women who LOVE their purses ;)
  6. ^ sorry :sad:
  7. WOW, I would probably do the same thing. So glad they did not get hurt though. Could be a bad idea to fight back sometimes.
  8. MUAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!! Now that is some self defense!!!!
  9. Nice!! Makes me wonder what kind of purse it was....
  10. went to Costco today ~ had my 5 yr old and Ali strapped in the cart seat. At checkout the packer noticed my purse strapped in and jokingly said something like "so when they nab your purse they steal the cart too, and the kid!" and I said "theft and kidknapping . . . I could have a field day with that!

    Take your precautions . . . because I have noticed people eyeing and loitering a little too long around my bags in the past.
  11. Glad they didn't get hurt, but its amazing how when someone or something you loved is threatened, how your natural instinct to kick a$$ just takes over!
  12. It is a shame that this happened to those two women. I am so glad nobody was hurt.
    I too have noticed people loitering too long around my bags while shopping. Ladies be careful when you are out and about shopping. It seems there is alot of petty thievery
    going on these days.
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  14. that will learn them ... lol
  15. That was my first thought when I read this thread... who in the world just sits their bag in a shopping cart? I have, on occasion, put my bag in the kiddie seat, wrapped the seat belt thing round the handle and "locked" it in there but, for the most part, it is with me and on my body at all times. If someone tried to grab my purse (regardless of where it was) I'd fight like hell, scream bloody murder and make it really difficult for them. But, if someone came up to me and put a gun in my face and told me to hand it over, well that would be a different story.