Women chose clothes over sex...

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  1. Found this article and thought I'd share...:roflmfao:

    Women chose clothes over sex

    [​IMG] | Posted Feb 8th 2007 10:48AM by Jonathon Morgan
    Filed under: Head to Toe
    [​IMG]You may have suspected as much -- hell, you probably knew this already -- but a recent survey proves it: women prefer clothes to sex.

    On average, they'd be willing to give up sex for 15 months for an overhaul of their closet -- 2 percent would be willing to go without for 2 years in exchange for a new wardrobe. (Although, let's be fair, it's possible these women weren't having any sex in the first place.) 61 percent of the 1,000 women participants would rather abstain from sex for a month than lose their favorite article of clothing.

    Clothing also stays with women longer -- with the average woman holding on to her favorite garment at least one year longer than any one relationship -- and is better for self-esteem.

    So next time my fiance's mind wanders, I can be confident that -- chances are -- she's not thinking of some other guy, but rather a new top, or that old, reliable outfit that just won't go
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