Woman with amnesia found wandering around Dallas

  1. Police Exhausting Ideas for Identifying Woman with Amnesia
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    Police need help identifying this woman who has been diagnosed with amnesia.

    It's been more than a month since a young woman with light brown hair and silver-frame glasses was found lying on the ground in a Dallas neighborhood.

    Passersby found the woman who was disoriented but otherwise uninjured July 18.

    An ambulance took her to Parkland Hospital where a mystery started to unfold. The woman was in good health but there was something wrong.

    She couldn't tell doctors her name or where she lived or anything that would help them identify her.

    Parkland transferred her to a medical facility in Terrell where she was diagnosed with amnesia, a rare condition that results in the loss of memory due to either shock or physical injury.

    "Each day they do therapy with her. They don't want to force memories, try to let things come in naturally and slowly," said Sgt. Ken McKeown, Terrell Police Department.

    Police were called in August 8 to help with the case and have taken a number of steps to try and find out who she is.

    Fingerprints didn't match any others in a national database. The Texas Department of Public Safety used facial recognition software but there was no match with any Texas driver’s license pictures.
    The woman agreed to allow her photo to be shown by the media. Sgt. McKeown distributed the photo in Texas and several other states.

    Even though she was found in Dallas, there are clues that she may not be from the South.

    "She said she has a memory of snow,” McKeown said.

    And her voice betrays no accent that would point to the South although one of her only promising memories is that she recalls driving through Louisiana and possibly going to the airport in New Orleans.

    She also remembers being in a white, 4-door car.

    Investigators said she is well-spoken and apparently well-educated.

    Police have sent photos of the woman to law enforcement agencies across the country but so far, no one has reported her missing.

    "It may be a long time, unless someone out there says they know her," said McKeown.

    Complete description:
    The woman is in her late 20s to early 30s.
    She is white, approximately 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds.

    She has light brown, shoulder length hair and hazel eyes.
    Other distinguishing characteristics are a tattoo that covers her lower back and two scars --- one is over her right eye and one in the area of her navel.
    If you think you know her, contact Sgt. Ken McKeown at 972-551-6622, extension 231.
  2. Wow, I'm in Dallas and didn't even hear about this story.
  3. I hope someone recognizes her soon.
  4. Wow, thats so sad. I hope they find someone who knows her soooon!
  5. Are they not posting this on the local news?? They need to get on the ball!
  6. Apparently this was on the local news within the last day or so. I have also heard today they think they've identified this woman, but have asked that her name not be released yet. I will post more when I hear more about what's going on.
  7. ^^ OMG thanks for the updates, Roo!
  8. So any news on what happened to her that caused her illness? :confused1:
  9. ROO, thanks for the update! Im so glad they found out who she is.

    It is a little ridiculous that the US doesnt have a centralized system in place to identify missing persons. I wonder how many people would be found if they did??
  10. I wondered what caused her to get amnesia
  11. Wow, interesting read Roo!
  12. that is quite interesting! Wonder what happened that caused her amnesia?
  13. How odd...