Woman troubles...

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  1. Ok most of us all have them, the dreaded montly cramps. Do many of you have unbearable ones? I have the kind that keep me from living an ordinary life. I can't do ANYTHING when I have my cramps, it is awful. I do have some medical problems that make this all worse (which I am under Dr supervision for) but what else can I do?!

    I am laying in bed with a heating pad and took a perscription IB Profin 800 about 1 hour ago... and NOTHING.

    Vlad tries to help, but has no idea what to do-- so he is playing beach v-ball and I am moping around and feeling bad...

    Anyone have some great tips??? :shame: :sad:
  2. the monthlies suck :rant:

    It seems as I've gotten older, they've gotten worse. My breasts tend to be very tender around this time and I break out :cry:

    I usually do yoga, drink tea and take some Midol to help. Hope you feel better Megs, I'm suffering in spirit with you :flowers:
  3. aww Megs...i hope you feel better soon:flowers:
    It may seem ridiculous, but I find that cramps are worse on an empty stomach, maybe if u eat something it will ease the pain. :yes:
  4. ^ All I ever tell Vlad is that no man understands this or EVER will!!! It is awful. I have been seeing a Dr since I was about 15 for this. I have fibro-cystic disease and get pretty bad cysts on my ovaries, but last time they found a small benign tumor on my left ovary. I am sure that makes the pain worse but I just can hardly stand up right now...

    I did make my way to the freezer for some ice cream though, of course :shame:
  5. i think they are worse with no food! I have been eating so much today to get the food in there to take my meds too!
  6. sex is supposed to help!
  7. I get the same thing and was told by a doc that the ibuprofen-type meds go to the brain to stop the cramping action rather than masking the pain - don't know if it's true but since then I've tried to take them religiously in the first day or two. If I get behind in the beginning it's hard to get ahead of it though, and if I don't take them, I've literally barfed from pain! I'd say keep up the meds and start taking them the second you get your period, not just when the cramps start. Hope you feel better soon!

    (I had an old BF who didn't know what to do when I was in pain either, so when I said I thought I was going to barf he ran out of the room wildly and brought me back a... frying pan!! LOL!! How, um, sweet!)
  8. So sorry Megs....
  9. At least you just made me laugh out loud!!!!! Guys are so sweet. Vlad tries to help and asks what I need but I just look at him and whine... I don't know what else to do. It is just incredibly painful...

    I started the meds right away, so hopfully I caught this soon. But this stuff is just awful... jeeze.
  10. try a different NSAID. Some work better than others for specifics. If you're on aleve and it doesn't work, try relafen, or try ketorolac, or celebrex. whichever one you are on though, it doesn't seem to be helping so try a different one. NSAIDs are the right choice though for cramping but not all NSAIDs are alike. cystic ovaries can make it so much worse. So eat your favorite foods at least for comfort and hope it gets better.
  11. awww...I know how that feels - hope you feel better...I used to suffer with really bad cramps and the only thing that helped me was taking vitamins.....B12, B6 & Evening primrose oil.....they also help with sensitivity of the "b**bs".....hehehehe

    and of course ice cream & a hot water bottle does help too.....

    take care.....
  12. Well, it's not so much the sex that helps as the orgasm. The orgasm is KEY. I think it relaxes the muscles and releases some nice happy pain-killing chemicals.

    So, anything that'll bring on an orgasm will do:graucho: ;) :P ...

    Hope you feel better soon:smile:

  13. The cramps I experienced were never too bad - usually, 2 Tylenols would stop the pain for me.
    I've heard that if your "monthly time" is about to approach, it's been recommended that you refrain from drinking caffeine beverages - apparently, drinking caffeine beverages increases the cramp pains.
  14. Sorry Megs. Do you ever start taking your medicine before you get your period? I used to do that and it helped. You said you caught it early but maybe a day or two before would help. I guess the sex idea is out of the question.
  15. Megs - I totally relate. I stayed home from work yesterday because my cramps were so terrible. I had the heating pad on high and eventually, it didn't feel hot anymore because I had it on for so long. I hope you feel better soon! Make Vlad give you a back rub ;) .