Woman Sues Doctors After Failed Abortion

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  1. I am sure her child feels real special. what a loser.
  2. Blah, i have no comment for people like that
  3. Um, she couldn't just give the child up for adoption?
  4. This is such a can of worms. lol
  5. Oh, I know. I have a lot more to say, but I don't want to go there!
  6. Poor child...must be sheer joy living with a "monster" who does not even want her...Horrid lady must have had the brains of a peanut not to know she wasn't pregnant...sounds like a con to me...
  7. Not when there's a big settlement to be had! :rolleyes:
  8. what the hell..
  9. Ugh, and this took place in Boston, and she has the same first name as me.
  10. i like her name, jennifer RAPER. no wonder she wanted an abortion.
  11. ^^^^ also, she is a terrible person for not loving her kid. abortion is on the whole wrong....(but im for it in select cases)
  12. There's a lot of criticism to spread around on this story. The mother certainly could've dealt with this better. And I'm wondering if these doctors still have their licenses to practice. Sad in so many ways.
  13. Thats really unfair to say that she doesn't love her daughter. Lots of people who have abortions go on to have much loved kids in the future & lots of people who already have a family & love their children dearly have abortions later.

    We don't know her circumstances, & no matter what your views on abortion, you have no idea whether she loves her now or not.

    I have to say, I would feel pretty miffed too, if I had already gone though the emotional processes involved in choosing abortion & then the doctors failed to perform the op correctly and then failed to diagnose a pregnacy for months. It must have been a truely horrifying experience.

    and there are plenty of women who go into labour before they realise they are pregnant.
  14. I agree.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.