Woman scheduled to give birth to 3rd set of twins..

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  1. Not sure where this belongs in the forums *so feel free to move it if it is in the wrong spot *sorry*, but all I can say is OMG :wtf:


    Mom, 20, giving birth to third set of twins [​IMG]

    [SIZE=-1]08:41 AM CDT on Friday, June 1, 2007


    Also Online [​IMG] Brad Watson reports

    When it comes to children, one Dallas mother knows about having them in pairs.
    The odds are one in 500,000 but she's giving birth today to her third set of twins at Baylor University Medical Center.
    But with the joy comes great challenges.
    Inside the wood frame house, life resembles the nursery rhyme of the old woman who lived in a shoe.
    But here, young mom Amanda Gonzales cares for four-year-old Natalie, three-year-old twins Adam and Sebastian and two-year-old twins Rachel and Raquel.
    Two more twin girls are scheduled for a c-section birth today.
    "I've always taken care of kids since I was little, I think that's where I got it. When I used to babysit a lot of kids, I wanted to have my own, a lot of kids," she said.
    Gonzales enters the rare club of having fraternal twins three times.
    She took no fertility drugs.
    The father of the latest set of twins hopes he's ready.
    "Just focus, trying to have my mind right. Try to have my mind right, you know," said Joshua Brown.
    But with neither the 21-year-old father nor the 20-year-old mother employed - all the children are supported by welfare - the young family faces financial and emotional obstacles.
    With the headlines fresh of the latest North Texas parent to kill her children, Amanda believes she can handle the stress - so does her mother.
    "I've always talked to her and told her about it, if you ever get depressed that bad, you've got people you can you can talk to, your sister, your brother, her boyfriend," said Joan Gonzales.
    But unlike nursery rhymes, reality in the end can be rough.
  2. Well it is amazing that she is having her 3rd set of twins, but I do think that since they are not financially dependent, this may really be hard.

    But hope the babies and mom are healthy
  3. Sometimes I'm tearing my hair out trying to take care of two, and she already has five with another two on the way. She really is going to have her hands full! She must be so exhausted as it is and with the new twins she can add severe sleep deprivation too.

    Good luck to her and the new twins!
  4. :wtf: 20 years old and already 7 children...and dependent on welfare?