Woman Removes Ex-BF's Teeth. New GF Dumps Him For Having No Teeth

  1. ^^ He dumped her for the other woman it says.
  2. then the other woman dumps him after he lost all his teeth
  3. he seems to make poor choices.
  4. makes perfect sense. he would already know what your stuff looks like so you'd feel very comfortable, right...

  5. Lol wow insane!!
  6. Wasn't this a hoax?
  7. It could be. It is the Daily Mail after all.
  8. Ha! Sorry!
  9. :lolots:
  10. Damnit! Too good to be true hahahah
  11. lol i heard about this before. lol i nearly fell off my chair the first time i heard it. :woot:

  12. me too! :roflmfao:

  13. :roflmfao: