Woman Power!!

  1. All of us, everywhere, have a story to tell. Some of these stories when heard provide inspiration to other women who listen to them. There may be some of you who have fought against circumstances to become who you are now. Maybe you have been successful, only to encounter roadblocks on the way which you were forced to surmount.

    I think it will be nice to hear from those who have a story to tell, which may be inspirational to other women. In a world dominated in many ways by what men say and do it is to a woman's advantage to know that if she is faced with a situation that seems desparate that there were other women somewhere who faced a simillar situation, and who won. It may be a fight against poverty, illness, abandonment...no matter.

    It would be wonderful to hear your story.
  2. I see that no one has responded and I find that interesting. Do you think it's because no one wants to brag? Or thinks it's bragging to talk about their success? Is that a woman thing? Most guys I know have no problem talking about their successes in all aspects of life.

    I don't necessarily feel like I've overcome a ton or become a huge success but I am fairly happy. My father died when I was 8 years old. I was diagnosed with depression when I was 18 - although looking back it was definitely there in earlier years and I've only been able to deal with it the last few years.

    I had several abusive relationships through high school and college before meeting my prince charming.

    I put myself through school while working full time...although I work for an amazing company that has a 90% tuition reimbursement policy. :smile:

    I finally got an analyst position after working as an Admin for 8 years and I LOVE my job! But I also love making jewelry and that has completely taken over my living room (and spare time). :smile:

    And I feel blessed to have the life I do. I think that many women (and men for that matter) go through a lot in life that they don't consider difficult - but just part of life. That's kind of how I feel most of the time. It's not like I have an abusive husband or have had to leave in the middle of the night with two kids in tow. I know of many cases like that and those are women who have a lot to struggle with and overcome. I'm trying to share my joy by working with the YWCA to help those women.

    And you can help too! They have an adopt a family program through the YWCA - the family's are generally females trying to escape an abusive situation and most have kids. Some are in hiding. I am excited to help provide some "normal" items for our adopted family's Christmas this year.
  3. CastoCreations, check out the health forum here. They gotcher inspiring woman power stories right there! :smile:
  4. Family is and has always been such a huge part of my everyday life. I mean I live(d) in a big house with my Grandparent's, two uncles and one aunty where people were over all the time and I loved this. Around two years ago I decided to move to the mainland to live with my BF. Prior to moving we were currently in a 2 year long distance relationship. Hence me moving...the long-distance relationship was really taking it's toll on our relationship.

    Leaving my much loved and needed family behind I embarked on a journey that I wasn't too thrilled about. I was completely content with the long-distance relationshp. It was my BF that was really pushing for it. The first year was hell and for much of that time I was depressed. It seemed like moving made our relationship even worse. Mostly because deep down I resented my BF for making me leave my home, etc. No friends or family. Essentially my life-long support system was no longer there for me to lean on. Add in a big city type atmosphere and you got a recipe for trouble. To say the least the stress of everything really took it's toll on my health. I had two pretty serious health issues arise from the stress which only caused me additional stress and burdened me financially.

    It's been a tough two years, but I'm finally coming into my own and starting to enjoy life a little more. My BF has been very tolerant and supportive and I count my lucky stars that I can call him mine :love: . This whole experience has changed who I am and and made into the person I am today. I consider myself a work in progress but thusfar I'm pretty proud of the person I've become.

    I now welcome change as opposed to being afraid of it:cutesy:.
  5. I'm only 24. I am not what you would call medically lucky. At 18 I noticed my voice was weak. After it didn't come back fully after a few weeks I went to my doctor, who sent me to another doctor (repeat this about 5 more times). Finally I was diagnosed with a genetic neurological disease called NF2. anyways, through months of tests and MRI s it was confirmed this was it by the bilateral acoustic neuromas (tumors that grow on your hearing nerves). at this time i still had perfect hearing so i wasn't too concerned about that part, i was more worried about other things like surgeries and the long term effects of other possibilities. so after doing about 50 mris, they found a large tumor on my spine which had to be taken out ASAP, or else it could continue to grow into my spine and eventually kill me. with in a month of finding this on my spine, i was undergoing major spinal surgery things stayed calm for a few years after this,i was being monitored my my neurologist frequently to watch some of the other growths.

    Things were stable for a few years after this. I was full time in college, working part time, a seemingly happy young woman. even i noticed my hearing in my right ear wasn't right. we monitored and watched this for quite a while, i was scheduled for surgery soon after, but it was canceled by my surgeon because we all agreed i didn't need it since my hearing was still fine.

    years passed, and still, as you may remember, my poor voice still hadn't come back. it was airy and high pitched because thats the only way people could hear me (and that i could talk). I also had been seeing Dr. Zeitgeist in Boston since my diagnosis years before. you may have heard of dr. zeitels working on (and performing surgery on) Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Cher, Mary Poppins (cant remember real name here.. oops!), and Leeann womac (i believe). hes the best of the best, but even so for years there was nothing we could do about my voice. that is until last summer when he told me about a new procedure where (basically - ) Gortex is implanted in the vocal chords which gives them lift and support, somethings mine had basically none of. i was very excited to hear this, but the down side was that you need to be wide awake during this procedure so they can hear you talk and make adjustments to the voice as needed. I did this nonetheless, which was hands down the scariest thing i have ever done. the sounds, smells, feeling of being in the OR fully awake with a towel over the eyes and having your throat cut open is just mind boggling scary. I actually had to do this surgery TWICE a couple months apart because of swelling complications we couldn't do the 2 chords at the same time. Luckily now i souns normal, just fine, and even though i dont have the loudness i so desperately wanted, i sound like a normal woman after all these years.

    I have no idea how, but I forgot to mention that in the summer of 2005 my hearing had dicipated so much in my right ear, we did the removal (which is technically a brain surgery here people), they shaved about 1/8 of my hair off underneath, and now i have horrid tinnitus in that ear, and it has affected my balance. My hearing in my left ear is now diminishing, making all kinds of weird bells and whistles constantly, and people are starting to sound like the adults on the Charlie brown show.

    Meanwhile, I don't let this rule more of my life then i have to, I'm still full time in college, a senior graduating next semester.

    luckily i have a great understanding boyfriend, great family and friends. I guess the moral here is to really appreciate the small things that are often over looked. looking at me you would have NO idea what Ive done in my sweet short life. I don't complain, i don't look any different than anyone else, i don't want to be treated differently than anybody else either.
  6. You are so brave, Corinne! And to still be in school and studying after all that...Way to go!
  7. God bless you Corinne, you are truly inspirational. BIG HUG and congratulations on your last semester in college! :yes: :yes:
  8. thank you both very much :smile:
  9. Way to go Corinne! You are NOT a victim! You are survivor and an inspiration. :smile:
  10. thanks eveyone, i cant believe how poorly i spelled through that whole thing!
    i ran spell check through it and i guess it made changes of its own!

    but thank you all very much, i just wanted to share my story since i have never ever told anyone the whole deal besides friends and family.
    kind of nice to get it off the chest!
  11. I see no reason to brag. As I have no reason to laud in my suffering, struggles and accomplishments. TO me this is a part of life.
  12. wow, great stories. I don't consider it bragging- I consider it inspirational. ALOT of people ( including me) need to hear about others trials and tribulations- it simply gives others courage.
  13. you know, i had to write a paper sort of along the sames lines as this...it was about WHY i chose to work on a psych degree. and a lot of the reasons why is because i know what it's like to hurt and be hurt. i guess i always figured i could use all that crap that happened (and still is happening) for some greater good, you know?
    i could probably write pages on this topic. but, considering i've already had a bit too much to drink, i won't. i can give the condensed version, though.

    i am currently suffering from depression. i have attempted suicide twice seriously. i relapsed back into bulimia quite recently. i am just over 1 year free of self-injury, after a 5 year battle. i am a rape survivor. i nearly died last year from a blood clot in my lungs. i was abused by my ex boyfriend and truly believe it was a miracle that he didn't kill me.

    ...and i'm still here. i'm still breathing. and i truly believe that there was a reason for all of it. i believe there is a reason why i am still depressed most of the time. it lets me know that life isn't easy. at all.
    it shows me how strong i really am, even when i feel like giving up. it shows me that people really DO care. (and tpf is proof enough of that- i have SO many pm's from you guys, just saying that you're thinking of me.)...nearly everything in my life has been an attack on myself. it's been a result of no self-esteem and feeling empty.
    but persevering shows me that i'm not. because, the fact is, i'm here right now typing me. that means SOMEWHERE, deep down in me, there is strength. there is desire and passion and a will to live.

    and i swear i would have never thought that, even a year ago. but it's taken so much for me to come to that conclusion. i still don't have it all figured out- far from it.
    but it's been worth it and i wouldn't change it. even the stuff that hurt like hell at the time. it's all for a purpose.
    and i hope those of you going through hard stuff, you realize that one day. you can't give up, you can't give in. you have to fight. because there is reward in the struggle.

    and that's all i have to say.
    i'm now crying...*sigh*
  14. kallison, I feel so proud of you! You have overcome so many barriers to do what you are doing. Keep strong, and keep healthy...

    I know fighting depression is hard. I have done it myself. I applaud you bravery in the face of such challenges to you both mentally and physically.
  15. I think we have some truely brave and strong women here. It takes courage to over come hardships, and to see that we can talk about it is a big step in the right direction. :heart: :heart: :heart: