woman married to 5 different men in the Armed Forces

  1. Let me see if I can get this link(im new at this) anyway this lady was married to 5 men at the same time of different branches of the military, all except the coast guards(sorry guys). She apparently also has three children and mother says she suffers from munchousen. http://a.abcnews.com/US/story?id=4216760&page great!:tdown:
  2. Omg!!!
  3. What a strange story....she must be a glutton for punishment - five husbands :nuts: one is enough for me.
  4. Wow...I have no idea what to say.:thinking:
  5. yeah I think it's disguisting! As if some of these men and women dont have enough to worry about when they are deployed theres this nice lady benefitting from them. I read another article that this was also popular during the vietnam war, in hopes of a nice death insurance! sick, people are freaks I tell ya! seriously just like laloki said being married to one is hard enough, 5 forget about it!
  6. Do you think that she had a thing for men in uniform?
  7. Goodness. Poor guys.
  8. She should have stopped at two or three men. Five is way too many.
  9. Wow.. if she isn't well, I hope she gets help !
  10. Wow.
  11. Yeah, that's the thing...is if she wasn't legally divorced, those SM's were getting paid extra money for her/the kids. The kids, I don't have a beef with because they need to be taken care of. But HER? Too bad recouping wages won't hurt her at all, only the SM's and the kids. :cursing:
  12. At least it's not Munchausen By Proxy, where someone makes their child sick in order to garner attention!

    Bizzare! I wonder if they can help her while she's in jail.

    PS, I posted the story below. Hope the OP doesn't mind. :smile:

    The mother of Shauna Keith told "GMA" her daughter suffers from Munchausen syndrome, a disorder where a person tells fictitious stories about their health or background in order to gain sympathy and attention. Authorities say Keith, who has been charged with bigamy and fraud, married at least five military men from bases across the country.

    The mother of a 27-year-old woman accused of marrying at least five military men at bases across the country says her daughter suffers from a rare mental illness .
    [​IMG] Holy Matrimony! 1 Woman, 5 Husbands

    "This is somewhat of a shock, but I've been expecting this," Cindy Gibson told "Good Morning America" today about her daughter Shauna Keith's arrest. "For the last five or six years, I've gotten random calls from men saying, 'I think I am married to your daughter.'"
    Gibson told "GMA" her daughter suffers from Munchausen syndrome, a disorder where a person tells fictitious stories about their health or background in order to gain sympathy and attention.
    For now, Gibson's daughter sits in the Walton County Jail in Georgia where she faces bigamy and fraud charges. She was arrested earlier this month in South Carolina, where she was living with a Marine stationed at Parris Island. She is being held without bond because she is considered a flight risk.

    Authorities count at least five marriages starting in 1999 to men stationed at bases from San Diego to North Carolina. Some of those marriages ended legally, but in others, she just left. Keith, who is currently pregnant, has three children, two of whom Gibson legally adopted.
    Gibson blames her daughter's behavior on Munchausen syndrome, which is based in part, on a craving for attention. "People with factitious disorders act this way because of an inner need to be seen as ill or injured , " the Cleveland Clinic says about the condition on its Web site.
    "If the world she's living in doesn't fit her needs, she creates another reality," said Gibson, who lives in Gresham, Ore.
    Georgia authorities say that Keith's reality has included leaving her military husbands financially and emotionally devastated and abandoning at least three children to be raised without their mother. Walton County Sheriff's Office Detective Jim Mayes counts seven names, five different Social Security numbers and three dates of birth used by Keith since 1999.
  13. Did anyone notice the link in the right sidebar of that page? "Woman Busted for Marrying 10 Men" !!!
  14. How strange.. the poor kids, I hope she gets help!
  15. Weird. I feel bad for her husbands and kids.