Woman married to 10 husbands?!

  1. Just heard this on CNBC .

    A lady (in FL I beleive) is in court for having 10 husbands. It's said she charged men to marry her in return for citizenship. She then threatened to blackmail them and expose them if they did not pay her more.

    Are you kidding?? :confused1:
  2. I can't deal with the ONE I have much less 10!!
  3. [​IMG]

    So. Florida Woman Charged With 9 Counts Of Bigamy

    Cuban National Has Married 10 Men In 5 Years

    MIAMI (CBS) ― A South Florida woman has been arrested in an extreme and rare case of bigamy.

    According to an arrest report, released by the State Attorney's office, Eunice Lopez, a Cuban national, has married 10 different men in nearly five years, and she never filed for divorce in any of the cases.

    The first marriage took place in June of 2002 and the 10th marriage took place in November of 2006. She even married two men in the same month, in November of 2005, according to the arrest report.

    So why did she do it? According to the Office of Investigation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), she was paid by the men so that they could stay in the U.S. She was allegedly running a virtual marriage mill.

    "What we're starting to see is a new scheme in which Cuban nationals are being recruited to marry in -- bring people in -- under this type of scheme, in which they can come in, get married and then become a citizen quicker than if they were marrying a Cuban citizen," said Carmen Pino, an Assistant Special Agent In Charge with ICE.

    Lopez has been charged with nine counts of bigamy.

    Click here to read the arrest report in connection with the case of accused bigamist Eunice Lopez.
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  4. Really interesting. I've heard of things like this in return for other end results, but multiple marriages for citizenship. Wow. It is sad, the whole way around- that the men are going through this to become citizens and that this women chose to do this.
  5. I was ging to say something close to this... I can barely deal with one guy, let alone ten!

    Dumb broad, didn't she know she'd get caught?
  6. ^^^
    my post exactly!
  7. LMAO We need a club!
  8. Hummm I wonder if she did the dirty dance with all of them, yuck.
  9. what a h-o
  10. She's doing it for money, which is disgusting imo.
  11. I wonder what will happen to the men who she got green cards for. The green card process is NOT easy and I am really shocked it got this far.

  12. Well, I heard that because she came here from Cuba, she and whoever she marries in America are automatically granted citizenship. I'm not sure how true this is. I know that Cuban nationals are automatically given citizenship but I'm not sure about their non-Cuban spouses...:shrugs:
  13. You are correct. Cubans who apply for political asylum automatically get US Citizenship. By immigrantion laws, their spouses qualify to get a green card automatically because they are married to a US citizen.

    You'd think though, they'd have figured out what she was doing after oh, say... the first FIVE husbands...
  14. 10 husbands? Ya wouldn't know who to thank......
  15. silly woman!