Woman kills the father to protect her granddaughter

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  1. Sad that the woman was in a position where she felt such action was necessary.
  2. What a woman would do to protect her family. I am in awe.
    She sacrificed herself to protect her granddaughter from her abusive dad. I hope she rests in peace.
  3. ^^ I do, too.
  4. How sad! May she rest in peace!
  5. It is unfortunate that the situation has to come to this. It is heartbreaking to think that murder was the only solution she saw in her last hours.
  6. I guess I see this differently. Was it PROVEN that he was an abuser or was he being accused in order to keep his daughter away from him? Was this HIS mother or the parent of the mother of his child?

    This story reminds me of the Ellie Nessler story. Ellie was the northern california woman who killed a man accused of molesting her son.

    I don't condone abuse but when you start allowing people to become judge, jury and executioner you are in big trouble.
  7. ^^ I can see that. On the one hand, the parental or grandparental instinct is to hurt or even kill anyone or anything to protect your (grand) children.

    On the other hand, where do you cross the line between protecting the child and vigilante justice?

    It's a matter of percieved threats versus actual threats.

    Hindsight is 20/20, but isn't it true that in some states, grandparents can go to court to enact their grandparental rights?
  8. Well, it's interesting that you ask about that Caitlin. About three years ago there was a very closely watched case that went to the US Supreme Court pertaining to grandparents rights. The grandparents in question were from here in Washington State. The situation was this:

    The grandparents had a son who had a child out of wedlock with a woman. The son had suffered from mental illness for some time and committed suicide when the child was an infant. The biological mother of the child remarried and her husband adopted the baby and as she got older, the child did see her bio dad's parents from time to time. As the child grew older, she expressed that she did not want to see the grandparents any more. Apparently there were a lot of discussions about the deceased father that were upsetting to the child. The mother decided it was in the child's best interest emotionally not to force her to see the grandparents any longer. The grandparents sued for visitation rights and took the case to the SCOTUS. The court unamimously decided that parents do have a right to decide what is best for their minor children, so if that means that grandparents don't see their grandchildren, then the parents have the discretion to decide this. This case has pretty much been (from what I can gather) the "precedent" for these matters in the lower courts since that time.
  9. oh wow. Poor children, missing their grandmother whom obviously loved them. Just a sad situation all around.
  10. I don't think it was PROVEN that he was the abuser, but the granddaughter had bruises on her body as a result from his care. The grandmother is the mother's parent. I don't condone abuses, but the court should do further investigation before allowing the father visitation rights.

  11. :sad: I do too.
  12. ^^
  13. Why did she feel she needed to kill herself? Is jail that much worse? It's sad to know that she would never get to see the child that she supposedly tried to save grow up.