Woman Gives Up Mustang Convertible For Lost Dog

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    Is a lost dog worth more than a convertible sports car? A San Antonio woman thinks so, she gave up her classic Mustang convertible to get her bulldog back and she said it was well worth it for her family.

    Latasha Armendariz lost her two year old English Bulldog, which slipped off from her home. She and her kids missed “Pork Chop” the dog very much. She put flyers with $500 reward all around her neighborhood but no one came and returned back the dog.

    She couldn’t bear the loss and decided to give up her a customized 1996 Ford Mustang convertible, which spent nearly thousands of dollars to fix it and she just finished paying all the car payment. She loves her car very much it seems and a dream car in her life. But she was willing to part ways with it because she thought her dog was more important.

    She said to the news channel:

    I just want to instill the value in my children that family is the most important thing beyond any material item."
    The new strategy worked, she got a call from a man who said he found the dog near her house. He came over soon, gave her the dog and Latasha as promised gave him the car keys in exchange.

    Latasha says her family is very happy now to get the dog back, but because she has no car now, either gets a ride from her mom, uses father-in-law’s truck or takes the bus.

    She said she’ll get another Mustang eventually and has no regrets trading her dream car for “Pork Chop”. To have the dog back was priceless for her.
    Now charity has become a business, before people used to be glad to return the dog back to the owner without any questions, now they return it only for a Mustang. Next time Latasha should have an address label on the dog’s collar, so a Good Samaritan can return it back, otherwise she will have to keep giving away a car.

    Will you give up your dream car or object for a Lost dog?
  2. I think that guy should never have accepted her car. What has happened to doing the right thing just because?
  3. It's a nice story, but kind of a sad commentary on the nature of people. I highly doubt the dog was magically "found" the day the Mustang was offered. The original reward didn't get any response because the bulldog was worth more than $500 to the guy that found it, but it was worth giving up for the car.

    I have found a couple dogs in the past and searched until I found the owners. I would never accept a reward because I would hope someone would do the same for me someday. I must be naive.
  4. I am glad she got her dog back but how terrible of (people) to only return someones pet if there is a huge reward. I would return any dog I might have found free of charge. I would just be so happy to reunite pet with family. Nothing more is needed. Bad karma to the man who accepted her car, sham on him!

  5. Nope, just honest and sincere and i completely agree with you! :yes:
  6. I feel the same way, no-way would I have accepted that car!! That man is a horrible person.
  7. would i be willing to give up my car? sure.

    but i don't think that reward was a great idea - extortionists and others inclined toward ransoming pets must be celebrating this precedent.

    i hope she remembers to report the transaction to the IRS so he can pay income tax on his reward.
  8. I agree..I don't think the guy should have accepted the car. He should have done it out of the kindness of his heart. I know if I ever found someone's lost pet, I would not accept a reward.
  9. Wow, although I would give up my car for my dog, I would never offer that as a reward. I can't believe that man took the car! A kind hearted person would never have done that.
  10. She should have never offered her car and that guy should be ashamed of himself.
  11. :sad: I would have offered my car too..but I also can't believe he took it. I'm glad she got her dog back but I'm angry at the guy..:push:
  12. Obviously that guy has no shame or he would have returned the dog when the flyers originally went up. No kindness there. I wouldn't doubt if the dog was stolen in the first place, but then the car was a better steal. People like that take advantage and have no problem accepting things that are not due them so I'm not surprised in the least. Either way, the dog was priceless to her and am happy he was returned, even if it was for a car. The jerk who waited for something bigger and better before returning their beloved pet will get his in the end.
  13. ^ I totally agree!
  14. I agree with everything you wrote.. He was totally motivated by greed.