Woman gives birth to twins at home, IN HER PANTS!

  1. well one at least:

    umm, check the names :push:

    Woman gives birth in pants

    Story Updated: Jan 4, 2008 at 4:18 PM CST

    HARTFORD, Connecticut, January 04, 2008 (NBC) -- A Connecticut woman and her newborn twins are doing fine despite their unusual birth.

    Multimedia Watch The Video On Wednesday, Larryette Thomas, unexpectedly gave birth with one of the tiny boys born inside her pants.

    Thomas wasn’t due until February but she says she started to feel contractions around 3 o’clock Wednesday morning.

    That’s when her concerned mother called 911 for help. But just as medics arrived one of the children landed in his mother’s pants.

    Thomas said, "One pant leg was on and the other wasn’t and he just came right down and firefighters had to cut my pants to take the baby out."

    Rescue crews delivered the second child a few minutes later using flashlights since there were no lights in the house.

    Mom and newborns Kurt and Kurtis are reportedly doing fine.
  2. I read this, can you even begin to imagine.....
  3. I have twins. . . I cannot imagine!:shocked:
  4. WOW I wished mine had gone that easy:smile:
  5. WOW, impressive. What happen to the house lights??? just wondering
  6. KURT AND KURTIS? Good lord.
  7. ^^ I was thinking the same thing, R. Hope mom, K and K2 are OK!
  8. Did I hear right....that now with the birth of twins at the age of 25 she has seven children?
  9. that's what I'm sayin'! LOL!
  10. How will she afford 7 kids? Wow, I hope she or the father has a good job.
  11. ^ack! let's not get into that. . .too much of that could get our thread shut down.

  12. Well, I guess we can all agree that with 7 kids, we know who's wearin' the PANCE in 'dat family! :lol:

  13. "KURT.....IS!!! Dinner is ready!":rolleyes:
  14. badumpump!
  15. ^^ QueenofDa702 is here all week....two drink minimum!

    back on topic, I missed the 7 kids part...must listen again...