Woman found alive after 8 days in crashed car

  1. The sad part is that this is this woman was found about 10 miles from where I live. I have driven that route several times in the past week and this poor girl was stuck down in the ditch the whole time.


    (CNN) -- Thousands of people are reported missing each year in the United States, and police say searching for adults can be particularly difficult, because it's hard to tell whether the person wants to be found.

    Tanya Rider, 33, was able to respond to rescuers after eight days in her wrecked vehicle. Tom Rider learned that lesson when his wife, Tanya, did not come home from her job at a Seattle-area grocery store.

    Rider said Bellevue Police investigated the case, but turned it over to the sheriff's department when they found video that showed her getting into her car and leaving work.

    He said the King County authorities were slow to file a missing persons report.

    "I knew she was missing. I knew something happened and no one would believe me except Operator Number 65. He's the one that started the case," Rider said. "No one would believe me. They all thought that she's an adult, she can go where she wants."

    She was found on Thursday, eight days after her car plunged off the road into a ravine.

    King County Sheriff's spokesman Deputy Rodney C. Chinnick told The Associated Press the department took Rider seriously, but that "not showing up at home is not illegal."
    "We don't take every missing person report on adults," he told the AP. "If we did, we'd be doing nothing but going after missing person reports."

    And there are a lot of cases to go after. The FBI's National Crime Information Center said that 576,559 people had been reported missing this year as of September 15.

    Atlanta, Georgia, Police Officer Ron Campbell said his department investigates every missing person case thoroughly, but in some cases, people don't want their spouses to know where they are.

    "A lot of people have relationships with their significant others where they leave for days at a time and they get mad and leave for a few days and they come back. Every relationship's different," Campbell said.

    Rider said he almost hoped that was the case with his wife. [​IMG] Watch how husband said no one would listen »

    "I thought somebody had taken her, she was in an accident. I thought all kinds of things. And the only way that I was able to not crumple up in a little corner was to think, you know, the least damaging to anything was that maybe she just didn't want to be around me for a while, but I still wanted her found," Rider said.

    When authorities did take the case, Rider said he did everything he could to make sure police eliminated him as a suspect and focused on finding his wife.

    "I let them search the house. I told them they didn't have to have a warrant for anything, just ask. This morning they called and asked for me to come sign for phone records so they could try that. And I came, I signed, and they asked me to take a polygraph test. And I, of course, immediately agreed," Rider said.

    He said he was about to take the test when a detective told him they'd found his wife by pinging her cell phone and tracing it to a road she frequently used to get to work.
    Rider said he'd driven the route six times himself and that he wished the phone company had tracked the phone sooner.

    "Had they pinged her cell phone when I first asked them to, she wouldn't be in the condition she is now. She wouldn't be fighting for her life. She'd probably have minor injuries she had, a broken clavicle, a cut on her forehead, and be leaving the hospital tomorrow instead of looking at -- I can't imagine how long a recovery," he said.

    Doctors said Friday that Tanya Rider had kidney problems, muscle damage and other injuries.

    Rider said his wife was not on his health insurance because she had just gotten her new job, but he's optimistic that she will recover.

    "She's alive after eight days. If God was going to take her, he would have taken her before that," he said.

  2. wow. I hope she recovers!
  3. cool! i just saw this on yahoo. amazing!

    the husb was so sincere to do a lie detector test, gave his cpu for them to chk, his car..everything for them to chk so they wouldn't concentrate on him as being responsible!
  4. An absolutely amazing story!!
  5. Wow, that's amazing. Kudos to the husband for being so persistent about finding her.
  6. That is incredible. Don't feel bad Roo, who could've known?? I'm glad she was found alive.
  7. Its ok Roo, we all would have done the same exact thing, like many others did. Nobody knew she was down there.
    Im so happy they found her alive! What a true miracle.
  8. OMGosh R!! That story is almost unbelievable isn't it!? That poor family, thank God she's able to recover.
  9. Poor thing.....she had some wonderful guardian angels looking out for her...