Woman finds fortune, turns it in

  1. Good for her (kind of sucks that she can't get a small reward for it)

    A few years ago I went Christmas grocery shopping I had £100 in my pocket that fell out somewhere I truely thought I'd seen the last of it I asked the information desk just in case it turned out someone had actually turned it in, there are good people out there.
  2. some people believe in karma

    if you take what dun rightfully belong to you, you wun be able to keep it


    but then in this case, if you find money that's lost (its not like you stole it), so i guess there shouldn't be a case of bad karma


    do you girls believe in karma?
  3. ...i would have seriously considered keeping it, or at least part of it. particularly since it was just sitting there all by itself. she's a better person than i am!
  4. Heartwarming to see there are still honest people inthe world.
  5. I would of totally kept it....I mean, it's not my problem if someone was a little careless. I am such a terrible person!
  6. Man, I would probably have kept it too LOL Geez where are my morals :shrugs: It would be soooooooo tempting to just take 20 hundred bills and go shopping that instant! Oh i am bad....
  7. Wow... completely honest woman!!!
  8. I honestly would have thought about keeping it especially now with what I'm going through. But tehn I would feel guiltybecause it wasn't my money! lol! Once I found $3,000 in vegas all by itself, and I returned the money because I felt bad! I only kept thinking about all the bags I could have bought at Louis Vuitton!
  9. I feel like a horrible person. I so would've kept it!!
  10. it's refreshing to hear a news story about someone with such good values! :smile:

    in the past, i've found Discmans, wallets and the like left in bathrooms, changing rooms, etc and have of course always returned those things to lost & found. but in this case had i been that woman who found $65k i soo would have kept it! :sneaky: i mean it was *cash* lying around in a bag....i guess i'm a horrible person too. ;)
  11. I would have handed it in but I can't say I wouldn't have thought about keeping it
  12. I probably would have kept it!!! No morals LOL
  13. Bad brain! :nogood:

    J/K... sort of
  14. Golly..

    I think I would have kept the money too! :shame: