Woman finds dog, tells owner in Dallas that she's keeping it

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    The holidays were sad enough for Kim Velevis after her lovable pug Scooter dug his
    way out of the back yard and disappeared.

    But the real blow came with the new year: A letter from an anonymous woman who
    found the friendly dog and gave him to her daughter as a Christmas present. To
    compensate for Ms. Velevis' loss, a $20 bill was enclosed.

    "The puppy has a different name now, but he has plenty of food and toys. My
    daughter adores him. He sleeps with her every night," said the letter, which arrived

    Ms. Velevis, 28, said she feels for the guilt-ridden woman, who describes herself as a
    near-penniless alcoholic. But she wants the dog back.

    "We knew the first thing our Scooter would have done is find people," she said. "He
    must have wandered up to this sick lady who, in desperation and in an attempt to fix
    her own life, ruined ours."

    Ms. Velevis and her husband, Rob, returned from running errands on Christmas Eve
    and found Scooter gone. He has a doggy door into the back yard and escaped under a

    The couple and their neighbors spent the day searching for the pug, with no luck.

    Ms. Velevis, 5 1/2 months pregnant with her first child, said the dog is good with
    children. They brought the wrinkly faced pooch home in July 2006 when he was about
    8 weeks old.

    The purloined pug could still be nearby. The typewritten letter, which carried a Tulsa,
    Okla., postmark, says the woman found the dog while visiting her daughter in Dallas.
    She wrote that her ex-husband has custody of the girl.

    The woman, who discovered an address on the pug's red collar, describes a series of
    difficulties leading to the dognapping.

    "I lost custody because of problems I had with alcohol, and I have lost everything
    else. I am an educated person, but I lost my job and my home," she wrote. "I have
    been sober for 6 months, and I am trying to turn myself around, but I have lost
    everything. My little girl wanted a pug dog like your little dog [very much!]"

    The woman wrote that she cannot ask for forgiveness "but I do want you to know that
    he does have people who love him and are taking care of him."

    Ms. Velevis said she has no interest in pursuing charges against the woman and would
    be glad to purchase the woman's daughter another dog.

    "That's our little boy, and I'm sure he's having a great time with this little girl, and
    he's got so much love to give," she said. "But he doesn't belong to them. We just want
    him home."


    I am ashamed to be from the same city as this twisted woman. I hope that by the news article and others spreading the story the little pug may be reunited with his family.

  2. What is it with people?????? This is so sad. Maybe the news will reach the husband or friends of them and the pug will go back home.
  3. Dear Gods, I hope she gets her dog back. How cruel is it to say "I have your dog and I'm keeping it"?

    I'm so glad my dogs never go out unless there's a human attached to the other end, but I also know not everyone can have the set-up (brother works from home, so he comes over to walk them when DH is at work, and I'm with them at home 24/7) I have.

    I also hope the ex-husband of the alkie sees the news bit and returns the pup.
  4. That is just so wrong.
  5. v_V that is so wrong!
  6. OMG! That's so sad!:cry:
  7. Well does she know where the woman lives? Sorry, I would have to go get my dog back.
  8. I would track them down ad get my dog back!!!!
    that is so sad, i bet she didnt even think about giving it back.
  9. OMG! How dreadful but the woman must really be derranged to contact the owners in the manner that she did! However, have to say that there is some goodness in her to at least let them know the dog is ok! Just sounds like a desperate woman!
    It is very nice of the owners to offer to buy the child a dog I so hope they gets theirs back!
  10. I agree, it would've been a lot crueler if she just took the dog and never let the owners know that he was alive and safe. The fact that she wrote them shows that she wants to give them some sort of peace of mind, but to take their dog like that is just...well, I'm speechless. I think the best approach for the owners is to do what they're doing; Try to spread the word that they do not wish to file charges against the woman, and that they'll be more than happy to get the woman's daughter a new dog if they get their dog back. Buying the girl a new puppy would be a small price to pay to get your beloved pooch back.
  11. My thoughts exactly!
  12. ^she probably doesn't know.
  13. Omg, what a sick lady :sick:
  14. The owner is so sweet to offer that lady another dog.
  15. She didn't know, the lettter was a local postmark though.

    However, she said she gave the dog to her daughter, who was in the sole custody of her ex husband, and they lived in the area.


    The purloined pug could still be nearby. The typewritten letter, which carried a Tulsa,
    Okla., postmark, says the woman found the dog while visiting her daughter in Dallas.
    She wrote that her ex-husband has custody of the girl.