Woman Dies on Hospital Floor While Nurses Ignore Her

  1. I'm from SoCal and I remember always hearing forever that that particular hospital has been known to have many "problems".
  2. I saw this on the news this morning. It's horrible. Her poor family having to stand there and watch her die. I hope the doctors, nurses & 911 operators that stood by & did nothing get what's coming to them.
  3. That is awful! Being ignored by nurses?!
  4. This is sooo sad, I saw this on the news this morning as well. I can't imagine how horrifying it must have been for her family to watch her die! Unfortunately, no one has been reprimanded yet, the nurses and doctor who were there are on leave or have been transferred!
    I'm surprised this hospital has not been shut down yet, its always in the news for its problems.
  5. That is sick.
  6. I don't get it. Why were they just watching? Is it because you aren't allowed to treat someone if they are arrested? She had some contagious disease? They were too busy helping other people? What? Doesn't make sense that they will stand and actually watch a woman vomit blood and die :s

    And why didn't the family take her somewhere else? I mean, she was there for 45 minutes! And if this hospital is infamous for things like this, why are they allowed to continue their behaviour? And what were the rest of the people in the emergency room doing? How can they just let a woman lie dying for 45 whole minutes and only one woman dials 911 and no one volunteers to drive her somewhere else?
  8. I just saw this on the news. How terrible. There is absolutely no excuse as to why medical care was denied to this woman. So sad.
  10. Omg! There is no reason this woman should have died!

    I hope the doctors and nurses who just sat there watched her die and did nothing are punished severely! People like that have no business being in the health care industry.
  11. I smell a lawsuit. If this hospital is really that bad (and it sounds like it is) it won't be long before its malpractice premiums force it out of business. At least I hope.
  12. How terrible!
  14. This comes as no surprise to me....

    My son has been kept in ER for 3 hours when he had pneumonia and difficulty breathing. There is only this one hospital close to us and other places are at least a 45 minute drive away. So I sat with him hoping and waiting that they'd call him in the next minute, the next minute....and every time I asked the person at the counter he'd say 'someone will be with you in a few minutes, please wait...' So I waited.

    Then he was looked over by a nurse-attendant checking him in, and we were put in a room where we waited...and waited..for another two hours. When I asked the nurses at the nursing station they were like 'the doctor will be here shortly, please wait', when my son started gasping and choking I had to go in the corridor and YELL for someone to help. Then a nurse gave him an inhaler. It took at least another 30 minutes for a doctor to come and do the necessary tests and give him the meds - which took another half an hour to arrive. The time seemed endless to me, and I didn't know what to do, where to take him, and it was 1am.

    I was surprised and disappointed with the care I received. I'd come from a third world country where we'd heard about all the top-notch medical care in the US. Back home the patients sit on a bench against the wall, and here they sit on upholstered chairs - that was about the only difference that I saw.