Woman dies from Menigitis after piercing.

  1. I'm sorry that happened. I don't even know why people get their tongues pierced anyway. Nothing about it seems safe or remotely healthy.
  2. I thought tongue piercing was passe anyhow. So sad ... such a beautiful girl with a bright future.
  3. Another death over something unnecessary...so sad. But i guess how was she supposed to suspect such a thing many people pierce many parts of their body with no complications...some things are just meant to happen i guess. :sad:
  4. I've heard that people get them for sexual stimulation purposes.

    I personally think they are atrocious and couldn't be paid enough to get one, but to each their own. This is a tragic case though. Poor girl. I never knew this disease was linked to tongue piercing. :S
  5. One of my nieces go ther tongue pierced and had one of those metal bars through it. She broke her front teeth from the back from it hitting the enamal.

    I don't think the tongue piercings do much for sexual stimulation, but then, I'm old so what do I know? :smile:
  6. Wow.....that is tragic!
  7. Wow, that is scary! I got my tongue pierced when I was 15...I still have it after 6 years!
  8. oh no