Woman charged with selling fake designer purses, 500 bags recovered

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  2. http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/local&id=8728556&rss=rss-wls-article-8728556
  3. I'm embarrassed to say that this woman is from my home town! But at the same time, I'm happy to hear that the police were paying attention and arrested her! I'm always hearing about the crackdown of the sale of counterfeit goods, but very rarely do I hear about an arrest - I happened to catch this story on the 10:00 local news! The Chicago Police did a good job on this one!:tup::tup:
  4. Nice!

    I was hoping this would be a threat abuot Hina getting caught!!!
  5. That is good that she was caught but I don't understand the part about this scheme costing manufacturers $500k in lost revenue, most people that buy fakes that ugly & obvious were not going to cough up over 1k for a Gucci bag or Chanel wallet anyway.
  6. There was some people busted at the flea market from my home town not long ago for making custom imprints of high end logos.. yet the majority of the other shops were selling fake items and nothing was said? Why is the law so selective? You see faux items being sold EVERYWHERE and rarely is there a bust.
  7. Same thing I'm wondering! There are plenty of shops (especially in Chinatown) selling very obvious fakes, but they only seem to crack down on a very small number of people selling fakes. Probably has to do with paying off the people who are supposed to be enforcing these laws.
  8. Good to hear that she got busted!
  9. My thoughts exactly! If they're buying a $15 Chanel wallet at the markets, they already know it's fake. Don't get me wrong, I hate fakes, but the people who buys there are never going to purchase the real item from the designers.
  10. good to hear that she got busted is exactly right!!

    and hope her prison camp garb will be all those counterfeit bags tied

    & wrapped around her ankles
  11. oh wow!! Glad to hear there are more crackdowns!
  12. comforting to know. hope they can do more.
  13. This is great news, shame that they can't catch them all.
  14. I wish the Australian policed acted on the importers and sellers of fake designer items... even in major shopping centres there are traders of counterfeits not to mention our eBay site ewwww :nogood: