Woman carrying dead fetus sent away by hospital saying "We can't help you right now."

  1. I just wanted to post a disturbing story that was in my local newspaper (Mainpost, Kitzingen) this morning. The article is in German, but I have posted a summary in English at the bottom.

    Here is my summary of the article:

    Currently doctors who work in public hospitals are on strike. From what I understand, they are striking because they do not receive their overtime paid and that they want to be paid more. This woman (22), who was in her 15th week of pregnancy went to her Gynocologist, and the Gynocologist determined that the baby had died in the womb. The Gynocologist gave the woman a referal to go to the Nürnberg Clinic to have the procedure. When she got to the hospital, she was basically told "Sorry, we can't help you right now but you can come back in 3 days and we'll be able to help you then." because they determined that she wasn't an "emergency case". The woman then went to another hospital to have the procedure. The doctors and hospital who told her that they couldn't help her issued a statement today. The statement said "We're sorry." They stated that she was an emergency case and that she should have been accepted.


    Now, I have never been pregnant but I can assume that it is safe today that when you lose a baby, it can be one of the most traumatic experiences of your life and to have somebody say to you "Sorry, we can't help you right now" would make me extremely angry.

    What do you all think?
  2. 15 weeks is pretty far along.......it would distress me, I was definitely showing at 15 weeks along........
  3. Oh, what a wonderful country we live in... :rant:
    Maybe it's justified that doctor's should earn more money and better labor conditions, but the way they are trying to reach their goal makes me sick.
  4. Faint... that is very unethical of a doctor.
  5. Exactly, I understand that they want their overtime paid for (or at least used for vacation time) - but to send someone away just because you're on strike?! That's crazy.
  6. I could not even imagine what that would be like. :wtf:
  7. So sad....and so traumatic for that poor girl..I lost a baby after 6 months of pregnancy..I cant begin to imagine her frustration with that health system...sick.unbeleivable.
  8. can they do that?! omg that poor girl.
  9. As someone who found out the fetus she was carrying was dead at 10 weeks (twice!), and who chose to spontaneously abort, both of those miscarriages happened at 13 weeks...I've got to admit that carrying a dead fetus is not really an emergency.

    Nature takes care of itself and it seems a helluva lot safer and less traumatic to have a miscarriage at home, than to have a D&C under anesthesia. Yes, I've done that too, having had four failed pregnancies in all.

    Sorry, but I think the doctors were right in this case.
  10. I would be pissed. It's a time of mourning and they're doing this?! Outrageous!
  11. eeeek...I think if she wanted immediate medical care, she should have gotten it. yes, some may want to have a MC at home, but she went to the hospital for a reason...!!

    either way it is just a sad situation...poor girl :sad:
  12. Couldn't she have gotten immediate medical care if she had paid for it? This is one of the big problems with socialized medicine - you need to adhere to their schedules.

    Seriously, carrying a dead fetus is not an emergency at all. It's likely that it had been dead for sometime already and she just didn't know. Mine were lost at six weeks and it took another 6-7 weeks for my body to expel them. That's just how it works.

    Part of what hospitals must do is to assess whose needs are most important. Perhaps they were too busy saving the babies who could be saved.
  13. wow, that's really sad!
  14. Whether it's an emergency or not the situation is sad all around. She probably was very distraught. I would be losing my mind if I were in her shoes.

    And Coco-nut I'm VERY sorry for what happened to you. You have my deepest sympathies. I could not imagine what that must feel like.
    On a lighter note, is that your son in the pic?? He is just precious :yes:
  15. its horrible