Woman Calls 911 To Turn Herself In For Drunken Driving

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    Woman Calls 911 To Turn Herself In For Drunken Driving

    Police Show Up At Woman's Home, Give Her Ticket

    POSTED: 7:07 am PST January 29, 2008
    UPDATED: 7:12 am PST January 29, 2008

    FOX LAKE, Wis. -- A Wisconsin woman was ticketed after she called 911 while driving home from a bar to report that she may be too drunk to drive, authorities said.

    I just want to know if somebody can follow me home because somebody seems to think I can't drive home straight.

    911 Operator: OK, why is that?

    Caller: He seems to think I am too intoxicated to drive.

    911 Operator: OK, and so you called 911, or he called 911?

    Caller: Well, he wanted me to call 911 because he thinks I'm too drunk to drive.

    The woman, Pat Dykstra, said she wasn't sure what would happen when she made the call."I don't really think I was thinking that much at the time," she said. Dykstra gave such a good description that police found her at her home and gave her a Breathalyzer test. She had a blood alcohol level of .14, which is over the state's legal driving limit of .08 percent. She said she's not sure if the drunken driving ticket was really fair, however.

    By the time police gave her the ticket, her car was parked in the garage. "I was home already in my pajamas going to bed," Dykstra said. Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls said Dykstra did the right thing. "I think a judge will look at her and say, 'You know what? You stepped up to the plate. You did the right thing,'" Nehls said. "I think it's commendable."

    Dykstra was even safety minded when she called 911.

    Caller: I don't like being on the phone while I'm driving.

    911 Operator: OK, well, I can certainly let you go, Pat. I don't want to cause you ...

    Caller: I would appreciate that because I don't like driving on the phone.

    So would she drink and dial 911 again?

    "It's good in a way, but if I'd thought about it, it wasn't good for my driving record," Dykstra said.
  2. so she drove herself home when she got the ticket? or was she escorted? because if she was escorted, then she shouldn't get a ticket.

    but good for her, she certainly prevented any accidents that would have happened had she continued to drive
  3. She must have been really drunk if she called the police on herself.... or just a really good person!

    This happened to a friend once. He drove drunk, but made it home, took a shower, hoped into bed .....and the police came to his house and arrested him for DUI :lol: I thought it served him right!!
  4. you can't make this stuff up!
  5. You might be an idiot if....
  6. I was on a jury where the police arrested a man for driving drunk.. but they found him after he'd gone home and drank even more. They couldn't prove he was drunk WHILE driving.

    But she did confess to driving drunk... thing is, why didn't the man stop her from driving AT ALL???
  7. ^ that's what i'm curious about too!! when i'm out with my friends, we will wrestle the keys away from anyone too drunk to drive if we have to.. never had a problem, since we've always had a designated driver every time we're out.
  8. what the...well, what was entertaining!

    i do wonder how the judge is going to sentence this tho!

  9. It says the police found her at her home already in pajamas and gaver the test, anyway I think even if she was escorted by the police she still drunk drove her car and should get a ticket. If she didnt want to get a ticket she should've ask her friend (the one that told her to call 911) to drive her home. Just my 0.02