Woman auctions wedding ring to help stop hunger

  1. Would you be willing to do this?

    Story link: http://www.king5.com/localnews/stories/NW_110207WABupbeat_diamond_auction_LJ.1cfd29581.html#

    eBay link: http://cgi.ebay.com/Ring-For-Hope-Wedding-Ring-Auction-To-Help-End-Hunger_W0QQitemZ230187094676QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item230187094676

    [SIZE=+2]Wedding ring auctioned on eBay to help end hunger [​IMG]

    [/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]03:09 PM PDT on Friday, November 2, 2007

    [/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]By ALLEN SCHAUFFLER / KING 5 News[/SIZE] It's a diamond studded symbol of eternal love - a beautiful wedding ring worth thousands of dollars.

    Bellevue couple auctioning wedding ring to help end world hunger

    But for one Bellevue couple, it's something that doesn't seem to fit in a world where children are dying of hunger.

    It was a very happy wedding six years ago for Erik and Carla Schneider - the deal sealed with a kiss and a ring.

    "It has a 1.04 diamond in the center, then 8 small diamonds on each side," said Carla.

    "I think it was my idea to sell it, but Erik's idea to auction it," said Carla.

    Don't get us wrong - Carla still loves Erik and Erik still loves Carla, even more now than on their special day. But the ring? Carla decided in a world where kids still go hungry, she just can't wear it anymore.

    Lars, the youngest Schneider, helped with the decision.

    "We have a son now and we couldn't imagine losing him because we couldn't feed him," said Carla. "It was really devastating to think about that."

    "We've done some other fundraisers, had a garage sale and making candles and stuff, all of a sudden I noticed the ring on my hand," said Carla. "I know it's worth something and it can make a bigger impact sooner."

    And it will. The wedding ring is on the auction block on eBay right now.

    The money raised will go to a branch of Heifer International, a non-profit aid group that has helped millions of families in 128 countries, including the U.S., providing food, farm animals and education about sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship.

    The top bidder in the Schneiders' auction can decide where they want their money to go.

    "Maybe they've been to Haiti and they've seen the need in Haiti or maybe they're more into the environment so it might go into agro-ecology programs," said Erik.

    So it's goodbye to the diamonds - hello to a simple gold and platinum band. It's a step in the right direction say the Schneiders - a step for a good cause and the kind of step they hope more people will take with them.

    And they say the new ring is a symbol of not only their commitment to each other, but their shared commitment to fighting hunger around the world.

    The eBay auction ends November 10, Erik and Carla Schneider's sixth year anniversary.
  2. Admirable, the world needs more people like that.
  3. Wow, how sweet of them to do that. And yes, I could sell my wedding ring if it meant I could feed a child with it. Problem is, it's not worth much other than sentimental value.
  4. I truely applaud the couple for doing this and caring about the world around them, even penny does help. At the same time i don't think one should feel like they have to sell something which IMO is so sacred and a symbolic. I dont think one should have to prove that they are happy to go without X or Y in order to justify themselves, or make them feel superior. To me it almost does across a kind of 'Look at how selfless I am and better than you, i can give up my wedding ring'. Now i could be wrong about this couple, but why attract such attention, you an easily sell a ring in privacy and now have to use this as a selling/advertising point. To me it questions the reasons why this couple is choosing so.

    I would also like to know how much this sells for, anyone have a link? Second hand diamonds don't generally sell very well, so unless this is driven up by the meaning behind the auction i doubt the remaining money raised after the cost of the 'a simple gold and platinum band' is subtracted, will be that significant.

    Im sure many people would disagree with me, maybe its just me that searches for the 'darker' side in people too much. I would like to point out that i dont think these people are bad and I happy that they wish to help, i just don't know if this is coming from the place it should be? KWIM?

    *please don't throw eggs* lol

  5. Maybe they are trying to get the auction some attention to make more people bid? I would bid if I could.
  6. My thought exactly! I found the ring really easily just by searching "wedding ring hunger" on eBay. Right now it's $2100, but it's not ending till the 10th, so hopefully the price will get up a bit more to make it worthwhile. For me, the thought of giving up my ring for that little would be crushing. I hope they get a lot more press and generate some interest in it...
  7. Admirable thing to do. Makes me really think about the crazy way some of our celebs use their money - the McCartney's arguing over how to split £80m, Victoria Beckham's £20,000 christmas presents, securing million pound deals with magazines for wedding photos when you clearly don't need the money etc. But then on a smaller scale, I'm as bad I suppose, and I don't really need another MJ bag or another pair of JC shoes either - one of my purchases would probably feed a small poor village for a month!
  8. No eggs here, I agree completely.
  9. Ah Glynis, so true! I do feel guilty about my purses, for others, but also because I should putting that money towards savings!
  10. Wow, that's an amazing thing to do. If everyone of us could take just one small step that way, I bet world hunger could end tomorrow.
  11. This is all fine and dandy but, not for nothing, the ring is ugly. If they were serious about this, why put a reserve on the auction then and just accept whatever the high bid is and then just donate the money??? At first glance, I thought the ebay ID was ringforheffer! :roflmfao:

  12. ^

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The gesture in and unto itself, is beautiful IMO.
  13. I'm too much in a sleepy state to read the article, but yeah, thumbs up and stuff!
  14. The ring sold for over $5000! :yahoo:
  15. What a beautiful & unselfish gesture! Glad they got a good price.