Woman Asks to Have Wrinkles Removed, Wakes Up With Bigger Breasts

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  1. A German woman who wanted to smooth some wrinkles on her chest was aghast when she woke up with bigger breasts instead, the New York Post reports.
    Ingrid Bruelling, 33, wanted doctors to give her breasts firmer skin after she lost 200 pounds on a crash diet.
    But when she woke up after the operation, she found that doctors had put in silicone implants, increasing her cup size from a C to a D.
    The Web site Anova.com reports that Bruelling is suing doctors over the procedure.

  2. Woohoo free implants! :nuts:

  3. I don't blame her for suing. They put a foreign object into her body. Talk about miscommunication.
  4. LMAO

    so they didn't bother with the wrinkles?
  5. So is she going to give them back?
  6. Maybe sticking implants in was the easiest way to stretch out the skin and to get rid of the wrinkles?
  7. That's what I was thinking. I mean, they did say she lost it on a crash diet, so maybe there wasn't any other way to do it?

  8. Haven't heard this story yet and I'm from GErmany! :nuts:
  9. In that case, don't you think the patient should've been informed before the procedure? :confused1:
  10. hahaha
  11. lol..that's funny and sad in some time...

  12. funniest I have read all day! LOL
  13. I'm guessing the implants DID smooth out the wrinkles... The skin on mine was definitely tighter post-op.
  14. Thats what I'm thinking
  15. So does she still have wrinkles?