Woman 'allergic' to mobiles and microwaves paints her house black

  1. By LIZ HULL - 21st March 2007

    For most people talking on a mobile phone, cooking dinner in the microwave or driving in a car is simply part of modern living in 21st century Britain.

    But completing any such tasks is impossible for Debbie Bird - because she is allergic to modern technology.

    The 39-year-old is so sensitive to the electromagnetic field (emf) or 'smog' created by computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens and even some cars, that she develops a painful skin rash and her eyelids swell to three times their size if she goes near them.
    As a consequence, Mrs Bird, a health spa manager, has transformed her home into an EMF-free zone to try and stay healthy.
    The walls are all covered in special carbon paint, the windows have a protective film on them and she and her husband, Tony, 45, even sleep under a silver-plated mosquito net to deflect the radiowaves.
    Debbie Bird's eyelids swell to three times their size when she is exposed to microwaves

    'I can no longer do things that I used to take for granted,' Mrs Bird said last night. 'My day-to-day life has been seriously affected by EMF.

    'I don't own a microwave. I don't use mobile phones at all. I can't even use a cordless phone. We have a plasma screen TV because the old style one gave out gamma rays, which brought on my reaction.

    'I can't even get in my friend's BMW. If I do I immediately start getting a headache and my head starts tingling.
    'Even shopping is a problem. I can't go in places like Starbucks where there is Wi-Fi broadband and always have to be aware of my environment.'
    Mrs Bird first realised that she was electro-sensitive when she moved with her husband, a writer and environmental consultant, and their eight-year-old daughter, Antonia, to a new apartment in Bowden, near Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

    Unbeknown to her, however, her neighbours were all using wireless internet connections and had cordless phones.
    'At first I couldn't sleep,' Mrs Bird added. 'Then I started developing a skin reaction. I had a burning sensation down my face, on my forehead and elbows. I looked like I had been severely burnt on my forehead. 'I felt very tired all the time and my eye-lids would swell up to three times their size.'

    Mrs Bird was referred to a skin specialist, but the problem was so severe the couple decided they had no option but to move to a new home, in nearby Hale, Greater Manchester.
    They took electromagnetic readings of the property and set about making it safe. The house was completely re-wired, had clear protective film put on the windows and every wall was painted with black carbon paint, which cost £250 per tin, to deflect the harmful rays.
    All the couple's bedroom curtains are also silver-plated and they sleep under a silver-plated mosquito net, which also protects against radiation.
    Although the renovation was not cheap, Mrs Bird said it was worth it. Her skin rashes have gone and she no longer has trouble sleeping. Officially in the UK, electro-sensitivity (ES) does not exist as a medical condition.
    Doctors say there is little scientific evidence to back up a link between EMF and poor health. They claim the symptoms, often attributed to flu or viruses, are psychosomatic.
    But campaigners disagree. They reckon around 500 people are already being treated for ES and as many as five per cent of the population could be affected.
    Rod Read, director of Electro-Sensitivity UK, said: 'I have seen hundreds of people who exhibit symptoms they directly attribute to the electrical items around them.
    'But it is a politically incorrect illness, the Government or electronic companies don't want people thinking their mobile phones or microwaves are dangerous.
    'In the past doctors have dismissed symptoms as something like flu, but the pathology is now established. It has a huge detrimental physical effect and
    stops people living normal lives.'
    Debbie's home is a radio-wave free zone. A clear protective film has been put on the windows and the walls have been redecorated with a special carbon paint

    Debbie and her husband Tony often sleep in a silver-plated mosquito net
  2. hmmmmmmmmmm..... thats surprising that she gets that rash around phones and microwaves... but, I dont get it, if shes afraid of electromagnetic/radioactive/gamma/alpha waves, theres no luck for her... even when people step outside theyre exposed to "harmful" waves from the sun and UV light etc from lack of ozone... I dont know if she has a severe case of OCD... the radioactive wave arguement is just one that no one can win when it comes to going against nature and the environment...
  3. I am not saying it is impossible, but the symptoms she has could be psychosomatic. I wonder why they appeared suddenly? The previous poster is correct in pointing out, as well, that electromagnetic energy and gamma rays occur naturally from the sun and in our own environment.
  4. There is actually a disease (Ataxia Telangiecstasia) that results in severe radiosensitivity. Its usually detected early on in childhood and the patient generally dies from cancer or other complications in early adulthood, but the radiosensitivity that the lady experienced is definitly less severe. However, I do think it is possible for her to be so sensitive to emf waves and such. the radiosensitivity that AT patients face results from a defect in the ability of cells to repair DNA.

    sorry for all the science :shame: I'm a nerd :smile:
  5. There were a couple of people interviewed last week on a chat show in the UK. Firstly, I thought it may be the same woman, but it isn't.

    The woman was wearing some form of mesh garment which was like a dress. Not doing very well describing it, am I?

    I hadn't heard of anyone suffering to this degree previously.
  6. this is something i would want to do reasearch on before i formulate an opinion. at first glance it seems very psychologiclly based but there could be a biological root to it all.
  7. Wow how scary
  8. Argh, that sounds horrible. Must be really difficult to live w/ that...
  9. Ugh. That would suck! Poor girl!
  10. That's tough.. maybe she should travel to the country.