Woman admits torture killing of 'snitch' [Gruesome]

  1. This one is pretty sick and you should use caution when viewing it. I don't normally post video links, but the story can't really be told in text alone. The woman's voice tone and matter-of-fact way of telling what she did speaks volumes.

    In short, she openly admits to torturing a handicapped man over a period of three days making him watch much of it in a mirror, then beating him to death.

    If you watch it, make sure no one is looking over your shoulder who shouldn't see it.


    Note that this HAS been aired on CNN's HLN cable network news.
  2. That woman has to be insane. She was laughing and thought nothing about what she did. Although it didn't stop her from committing crimes. They didn't say exactly what the man did besides he was a snitch.
  3. She is completely derranged and psychotic. Scary that this woman wasn't where she belonged, in lockdown in a mental hospital.
  4. I heard about this on the radio last night. She sucks.
  5. There are so many out there just like her. It's a scary world...
  6. E..gads.. :s
  7. she's disgusting
  8. And the scary part is she doesn't think anything is wrong with her. She just said that other people would think so. It is really terrifying to think that there are people this crazy out there that would kill someone for what might be some imagined slight. He snitched on a righteous person??? What does that even mean??? I'm glad she will not ever be out on the street again.
  9. I didn't watch it but sounds like she should be locked away forever!
  10. Obviously she's completely psycho, but the creepy part is she appears to be normal as she is quick in her answers and words seem to flow out of her mouth like she knows exactly what she's talking about.
  11. The world is full of sickos just like her.
  12. She tortured and killed him because he was a snitch?

    What, is she in the mob or something?

    The articles say she killed him because she thought he was a police informant. Did he turn her in for something or is she just really paranoid?
  13. Eww...
  14. omg she's clearly crazy. i hate when people talk that matter-of-factly.. it's like, get over your OWN self-righteousness.

    does she think she's dexter from the tv show?
  15. what a :wacko:

    I feel sorry for that man and anyone else she hurt.