Woman abuses pet dog

  1. This video breaks my heart, its drawn alot of attention since it was posted on a local citizen journalism website, hope she gets punished!

    Here's the website it was posted on:

    "A video of a woman beating her pet dog on the head with a wooden stick has drawn flak from netizens. In it, the woman is seen yelling at the dog for chewing on a cushion.

    She repeatedly strikes the dog on the head forcefully, causing the dog to shriek in pain.

    The dog tries to escape but has nowhere to run as it is cornered against a wall.

    The person behind the camera can be heard persuading the woman to stop but she does not stop."

  2. :shocked: It's just a freaking cushion! Buy a new one.... Jeez, the people in this world...
  3. I hope someone beats the sh*t out of her by bashing her in the head. I wish I could be the one to do it.
  4. My thoughts exactly :mad::censor:
  5. I couldn't even play the video but I can imagine... what a piece of $hit!! I absolutely cannot stand people that abuse animals, children, etc. Makes me physically sick. One of those times when "an eye for an eye" would be WONDERFUL.
  6. OMG, that poor, sweet baby! :crybaby::cry: I couldn't play the video either. People who abuse animals are the worse! That POS human being deserves to have someone repeatedly bash her in the head with a wooden stick. UGH! :mad::cursing::censor:
  7. didn't watch the video (scared alright?) but that woman sucks
  8. Why is the person holding the camera FILMING instead of stopping that crazy b*tch?? Like frick!!
  9. I couldn't watch the video either (I teared up just seeing the still shot), but I was think the same thing. I would have not hesitated to slap the sh*t out of her.
  10. I am sorry I watched it. Wish I could be the one to hit her over the head and make her scream! B*%ch! That poor little dog is just wondering what in the heck he did to deserve that.

    I can't stand people who abuse animals.

  11. I can't bring myself to watch the video but what the heck does beating the dog do?? And why would someone sit there and film this instead of stopping her?!
  12. Exactly.

    Unacceptable. Hope she is never allowed near another animal for the rest of her life.
  13. I think there would be a very long line of people waiting to take a good smack at her if it were legal.
  14. Oh my goodness, I'm practically at tears and didn't even watch the video. Do we know if the dog has been taken away from her? This makes me sick to my stomach...it is just horrible that people can be so heartless, especially to an innocent animal.
  15. This is so awful, what a wretched woman! I'm in tears.