Woman, 8-Year-Old Daughter Found Slain At Boca Mall

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  1. Via ABC

  2. This story makes me sick to my stomach. This mall is in a very wealthy area. This past August a similar story happened at this exact mall, but the mother and her 2 year old son were found alive later, after being abducted.

    This was during one of the busiest times of the year- in a VERY busy time.

    It scares me to no end. There is a $350,000 reward for any info being offered by the city of Boca Raton right now.
  3. That's tragic. Not safe anywhere.:wtf:
  4. OMG how scary. That makes me afraid to go anywhere alone with my baby.
  5. I saw a pic of them, both beautiful! It's so unthinkable. I agree ^^^omgsweet
  6. WTH is WRONG with this world??? Killing a mother and her innocent little girl. My heart breaks for them.
  7. Saw this on the news... I agree with Kristy, what is wrong with this world?

    Prayers to the family.
  8. 8 of my friends work at that mall. THey have told me about alot of crime in the parking lots that never seem to make it to the news. My one friend said that it was on the news the mother and daughter were tied up and shot in cold blood. What is so strange is that you would think during holiday season there would be people around. How does this just happen without anyone seeing something. I mean wouldn't a person hear a gun shot??? I just don't understand how a mall like that which is so upscale does not have any security cameras in the parking lots.... I think they have to do something because this mall would have a big drop in business if they continue to do nothing when crime happens. My friends have talked about how unsafe they feel walking the parking lots. I always try to warn people visiting Florida to be so careful in the mall parking lots.
    I hope they catch the people who did this.
    My prayers are with the family.
  9. ^ It is shocking isn't it? Shocking that during such a busy time no one noticed. That the mother and daughter were not found until a security car found them.

    It is a scary world we live in :tdown:
  10. that is so sad and scary.
  11. stuff like this makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. i work retail, and i often walk to my car alone at 11 or 12 at night.

    I've BEEN to Boca Town Center, and my aunt who is NOT in good physical health shops there a lot. Makes me extremely fearful, I'll definitely be having someone walk me to my car tonight.
  12. My prayers to their family!

    Be safe, everyone!
  13. OMG how horrible! I've been to that mall...talk about high rent district, wow!

    Prayers to the families...this just makes me sick!!
  14. That is so horriable. What i truly don't understand is if someone wants to rob somebody FINE DO IT, but why kill the person just get what you want take the money bag whatever it is but why kill them over it!? :tdown:
  15. Just horrible! Happened during the holidays too, which is so sad. I can't imagine the family, they wouldn't be able to spend Christmas with their loved ones.