1. Any deals on Wolford hosiery?
  2. figleaves.com
  3. a little off topic, but are Wolford worth the price? i've always wanted to buy but they are so expensive! thanks!~
  4. I love Wolford. Great investment.
  5. :nogood: Not for the Satin Touch 20 knee high. It's 'painful to watch' as they snagged/ran as soon as they went on. That's $20.00 USD for one pair!
  6. Thank you!
  7. I think Wolford tights are totally worth the price. They are so comfortable and the quality is really good.

    Since I have worn Wolford tights, I dont think I cant wear cheaper ones anymore :smile:
  8. Wolford boutiques have 30% off on selected items.
  9. Figleaves.com isn't cheaper for the basic stuff though.
  10. Do you like the knee highs, if theyre on sale?
  11. Can anyone please advise on fit please? I'm 5'3" ~112lbs? I would love to tights that do not extend all the way up to my neck when I pull them up.... TIA

  12. I've wondered this myself. I have had wolford stockings and by the 2nd use i claw thru them. its horrible. for some reason sheer energy jet black stockings are great for me. i'd be scared to spend 60 dollars on a pair of stockings to have them snag, tear with one wear
  13. I went to Wolford outlet at Woodbury, NY last 2 weeks. It was sales upto 40% off. I got the Marino wool and Satin Touch 50. Such a good deal
  14. I use gloves, the hospital or gardening kind not the dish washing kind to put on $$$$$ hose. :tup:
  15. Bare Necessities has 30% off and if you go through the knickersblog bargain link you can get an extra 20% off.