Wolford Tights- Are the worth the money?

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    Wolford Velvet de Luxe is 50 denier and $42.
    Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 denier is also $42.
    Wolford Opaque 70 is 70 denier is $28. (My SA at Saks said this would only be sold this season.)
    Wolford Matte Opaque 80 is 80 denier and $52.

    The Wolford fashion tights are so worth it. They fit great and have the best designs. They go on sale at the end of the season. I've gotten some fashion ones for 40%-70% off. And there are seasonal colors of the velvet de luxe that go on sale too. Like light grey and bright blue.

    You can also buy Wolfords during the Saks friends and family sale for 25% off. That's when I load up on the basic styles.
  2. Thank you:tup:
  3. I have been thinking of Wolford for ages and you girls have convinced me! I am really glad I didn't buy some before reading this thread because I am 5"10 ... I almost bought a small on eBay because it was a bargain and from a good seller :blush:

    I guess I would be best getting a Large? I know there are tables on the back but I can't find any sizing references online (no way will I buy from a Boutique here in Australia... they are sooooo overpriced!)

    Also, are there any reputable ebay sellers I could buy from? Should I be wary of fakes? And, has anyone tried out their bodysuits? Because if I am going to buy from a W seller I may as well get the most out of the inevitable $35 or $40 postage here to Oz... I really love those lycra-plush T's you can get in the stocking section of dept stores, so I imagine I'd really like their leotards (tee hee, I can't believe I used the word 'leotard' as a positive!) :lol:
  4. Here the 50 denier velvets are AU$75, which is about US$70... I mean, do people actually go into the boutiques here? Thanks for posting that, really convinced me to find a good online seller...
  5. ^ Thanks :smile: I guess I will probably go XL for the height.. Quality tights do have a lot of stretch in them so I guess they won't be baggy... I weigh about 130 (plus or minus a few pound depending on the season) - do you think L or XL?

    I didn't think about the exchange rate, but you're right - we pretty well doubled our value to the dollar after the eco crash. But they have changed the prices, as I remember looking about a year ago and they were $85. It is weird because we don't have to pay tax from almost any country when we buy online, but the tax seems to be massive for all imported goods in stores here... Designer labels are usually about double. It really doesn't make a lot of sense because all it does is encourage us to buy from o'seas. MBMJ bags that cost US$700 at Saks cost $2,000+ AU at our department stores. :tdown:

    Any good online sellers of Wolford that would post to Australia?
  6. Hey there, I am 5'9 and I wear a M in the stay-ups and a L in full tights.

    As far as reputable sellers, I bought from this guy who was very nice and the tights were new.


    Also, I actually do buy from the boutique since there is one 15 minutes from where I live. :shame:
  7. here's pics of the PLUSH silk/fleece blend...it's also available online--got mine from Helianthus...GREAT GREAT boutique in NY I highly recommend, if you go or call, ask for Grace the owner, tell her Cory sent you...shes SUPER SWEET!!!


    Helianthus Blog

  8. Haha - well if I was in the US I probably would too - the markup here is pretty extravagant. I was looking at this seller - good to know someone has had a positive experience... So now I guess I will just wait for my next pay... Heh, heh :graucho:
  9. you should get one of colorado string bodysuits. they are extremely comfortable and soft.
  10. I love Wolford tights! They are extremely comfy, not itchy and very well made. I purchased all that I have (7) maybe 5 to 7 years ago at Marshalls for just under $20 each. Try Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross. Maybe just maybe you will luck up on some really cool ones.
  11. wolford do some beautiful hosiery, oh if they were just a tiny bit cheaper , we could all wear them everyday! ... petrified i will ladder my sheer wolford hose everytime i put them on!