Wolford Satin Deluxe Tights

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  1. Does anyone have these tights? I like how opaque they are and love the shine but not sure about the back seam. Also, does anyone know about sizing for this particular style as I seem to be between an XS and S, going by the measurements on the website. I have 34 hip, height: 5'3.5", weight - approx 100 pounds. Thank you!
  2. what's your inseam? i have a 29" inseam which makes the XS too short for me, even though i'm only 5'0, 32" hip, <90lbs
  3. Hi, I think my inseam is approx 29 as well. So maybe I should take a S?? Any thoughts on the actual style - Satin Deluxe?
  4. i would def take the small. the XS will be too short, which is extremely uncomfortable, IPHO (>(oo)<)`

    generally not a fan of shiny tights so i've never tried the satin deluxe - the velvet de luxe 50 leggings & tights are my workhorse styles. i do like the individual 10, which has back seams like the satin deluxe. if you're worried about comfort, i haven't had any issue with the seams irritating my skin

  5. ^^quick caveat: take S in tights / pantyhose, but for future reference you probably still want to take XS if you ever buy stay-ups or the band will be too loose on the thigh (depending of course on your thigh circumference - mine is 15in at the point where the band hits, and i take the XS)
  6. i do, they're pretty much opaque (i have the dark gray ones though).i'm 5' with hips i bought the xs size.
  7. ^^What are your measurements please? Also, does the backseam look okay - does it stand out or is it not that noticeable? I'm not a fan of the back seam. Lilac0485 - I already own those Falke tights. They are lovely but I'm looking for something more opaque.
  8. Are you sure these don't have the back seam? All the Wolford Satin Deluxe tights that I have seen have a back seam?