wolford leggings???

  1. hey i was wondering if wolford velvet leggings are like stockings or they like soft leggings???
    I have rachel pally leggings and i love them to death. I also have american apparel leggings but i don't really like them my cotton dresses get stuck to them when i walk and it looks horrible.
    so i'm thinking abt getting wolford leggings but i don't like stockings so i don't want to purchase them if they are like that.

  2. I love my wolford leggings...they are thicker than stocking...personally i don't think they feel the same as stockings
  3. OT- but Angelie I love your pic!! :smile:
  4. I think they are more like stockings. I got a pair of leggings by HUE at Nordstrom's, they are super comfy.
  5. I've got a few pairs of the velvet leggings in anthracite. I'd say they're like thick tights... Not dark enough to wear as leggings (they're still see through) but heavier than plain nylons. I love them.
  6. thanks for the replys girls:smile: