Wolford! 50% off!

  1. Hello!!

    Went to the mall today and found that Wolford had a LOT of things on sale! Hosiery is 50% off (selected items only), but they are all fantastic. I stocked up on some leggings and other tights...they feel so lovely against the skin! :wlae:
  2. I love Wolford tights! Is this the stand-alone Wolford boutique where the sale in at?
  3. Yes, the sale is at their standalone store. I got a pair of their Cosy Tights for $50, a pair of their Twenties fishnets for $20, and Velvet leggings for $19! To tell you the truth, these are my first Wolfords, and I can honestly say that my legs are never going back to the drugstore brand...

    Compared to the ridiculous price points these days for leggings (since they're so trendy), these are a great bargain. I love leggings, as they keep my legs warm and make it easier for me to wear shoes. :shame:
  4. Thanks for sharing! I hope the sale is still on this weekend.
  5. Thanks!