Food Wolfgang Puck cookware

Aug 14, 2006
Does anyone here have any? I saw them on the Shopping Channel last week and I'm still thinking about them. It's almost as bad as purse shopping.

I've been looking for pots and pans for months and haven't found any I like. If anyone has the Wolfgang Puck cookware, do you like them? How do they hold up?


Aug 19, 2006
Sorry to be so late answering this!

I don't have any of the sets, just a few frypans and saute pans. They're solid and hold up very well, much better than that other mostly nonstick cookware the same channel sells. Even the nonstick skillet I have has held up well. In fact, you can go to the channel's website and read customer reviews on every cookware item along with the item descriptions and they also have customer discussion forums with a lot of great information..

They also sell an almost identical WP set at Sam's Club, the only real difference is the lids - maybe one has glass and one stainless, I can't remember exactly. There's probably a few comparisons posted somewhere on the forums.