WOHOO! Royal mail are processing my refund! :D

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  1. I sold an item back in January, I sent it off to AUS and she claims she never received it. She never even mailed me to tell me and just made a claim with paypal. Paypal took the money and now Royal Mail have just rang to let me know they're sending me a cheque for my refund :smile:
    WOO! :yahoo:
  2. Great result, congrats!
  3. Thanks! That's another £32 towards my car :biggrin:
  4. Did they confirm they were refunding you for the full amount or £34? I made a claim for items sent to Russia and despite paying the insurance for £75 all I got was £32 (as basic compo was then).

    Luckily the items eventually turned up with the buyer in Russia!
  5. Yeah, it's only £32, if you want extra insurance you have to pay more for postage, but thankfully the item I sent was only worth £32 incl. shipping. The woman was really nice about it too :smile:
  6. That's good!
  7. woo hoo so it actually can work!

    Well done.
  8. Excellent - I'm pleased for you.

    I must admit that I have had to claim a few times with Royal Mail and they have always been really good at refunding. It may take a long time sometimes but they seem to get there in the end (like everything else British I suppose!!).