Wohoo, finally a Reveal!Early Birthday gifts..Hope pics turn out ok...

  1. It's beautiful. Congrats! =)
  2. Smiles1030, I'm about 5'2. :biggrin:

    Myrkur, many thanks! I was just looking at thread ' pics of your Chanel in action and saw yours! U look so lovely!

    Sherylnery, very sweet of you! Thank u! :biggrin:
  3. Thank you! :flowers:
  4. congrats!! I saw those earrings on someone at the airport and they are very classy ;)
  5. Looks awesome on you. Congrats and happy birthday :balloon:
  6. Truly beautiful timeless pieces, enjoy!:smile:
  7. I had to come back to this thread and admire your flap again, I love it so much and it looks really good on you. Congrats again :cloud9:
  8. Thank u very much schmoo! I wore it out for the first time yesterday and love it! I have sensitive ears so was afraid to try new earrings but I would think Chanel will have that covered. True enough it does not cause any discomfort! :biggrin:

    U are so kind to say that! Many thanks ironic568!

    Thanks a lot blackquilt! I'm so happy! Brought them out yesterday!

    Emerilla! U are such a sweetheart to say that! U made my day! :biggrin:
  9. Gorgeous ^_____^
  10. Hi Bagsforlife, thank you for dropping by! ;-D