Wohoo! Coach outlets rock!

  1. I made a trip to the Coach outlet this weekend and fell in love with it! LOL! I got a Legacy Leather Flap bag in Whiskey for $159! I couldn't believe it was there! I snatched it up as soon as I saw it, and 3 people asked me where I got it from in the store. It was really fun. I also got a Multifunction leather wallet in Mahogany for $49! It was so crazy busy- there was hardly walking room!
  2. wow! lucky.. I never get good deals at outlets :sad::crybaby:
    Lets see some pics!
  3. Lucky girl, glad you got it before someone else did. Enjoy!
  4. Congratulations.
  5. (jaw dropping) you lucky girl!! a total score! wear it in the best of health!
  6. Congratulations! What a great find!
  7. which outlet?
  8. Candymandy18 what outlet did u go to? I went to the outlets in Cabazon CA and they did not have any deals like that.
  9. Lucky girl!
    i love coach!:heart:
  10. I went to the San Marcos outlet in Texas. I intended to hit the Round Rock one too, but I had already spent my limit :p! I am working on getting some pics posted.
  11. Here are some pics. I haven't rubbed out the scratches on the Whiskey yet- I kind of like them! :yes:
    Boys and Trip 050.jpg Boys and Trip 051.jpg Boys and Trip 053.jpg Boys and Trip 054.jpg Boys and Trip 055.jpg
  12. Gorgeous bag! Congratulations!!
  13. Great deal on the bag and card case.
  14. :yes: Wow they have that bag at an outlet already?? Lucky you!!! Very nice
  15. Lucky finding a legacy bag at the outlet. I'm going Thursday night - hopefully there will be some good stuff left ;)