WOHOO! cheaper insurance!!

  1. So-we have car insurance through Geico. We own 2 cars-on one car we have the basic liability and the other car we have everything-comprehensive, theft, fire, etc.

    Anyway-for a month now there have been tons of radio and TV ads from Geico talking about how they lowered their rates again. We pay our car insurance every 6 months so were waiting for our new bill (due in September) to see what our new lower rate would be. The bill comes today and it is not lower at all! It was $1,099.20 for the next 6 months. So, i called them up and said, "hey-you have been advertising lower rates for a month now. Why isn't my bill lower-is this false advertising?" bla, bla, bla.

    Well, the young lady on the phone puts me on hold to check over my policy and then comes back on and says since we have been with Geico for so long and have such exemplary drivng records and have not put a claim in for over 10 years, she is going to put us in the gold prefferred driver insurance program and now my 6 month rate will be $871.70-a savings of $227.50 for the 6 month period or a yearly savings of $455.00! I am so happy! And, so very glad I called-hubby would have just accepted it-he doesn't like putting up a fuss about things.:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. omg thats a GREAT rate!! mine is like 5 times that amount! maybe i should call....i have progressive? worth a shot right! congrats! an extra $500 a year is awesome!
  3. that's awesome now if hubby could just stop hitting things we'd be in better shape
  4. :roflmfao:
  5. wow, that is awesome.
  6. Thats great! I love hearing when companies actually come through with great customer service.
  7. Wow, that's great! My son is going to be driving soon, so our insurance is going to do nothing but go up:sad: .

  8. whoa you pay $5000 every 6 months??? :wtf:
  9. Hi Nishi- That's great news. I actually have Geico as one of my accounts and let me tell you, they have some of the most dedicated employees. Literally, the newbies there have been with them 20 years. Also, they are very comitted to serving their customers.
  10. That is great to hear! Even before this-we loved GEICO-whenever we have had to deal with them in any way-they have always been excellent. They must treat their employees well to get such good service and commitment out of them
  11. I've been with GEICO for 5 years, and they've been excellent, esp. with handling claims. Very happy with my service.