Woe is me........

  1. What to do.....I sell used handbags on my website, and got a beautiful XL muse in white patent today for a amazing price. I got it home, took it out of dust bag with the best intentions....and fell in :love: love!!! Now my dilemna is that if I don't sell that bag, I have to sell one of my own personal ones. After much deliberation...I figured out that my Fendi vanity would be the one that would have to go....but when I took it out of it's dust bag....the thought of letting it go made me feel so:sad: . So which would you keep....YSL muse or Fendi Vanity????
  2. Give it a little time to mull over! I love the Muse though :smile:
  3. Tough one - if you can't keep both then I would really consider what one you think you would get the most use out of and what would go best with your wardrobe!! BTW I adore the Muse!:yes:
  4. I would keep the Muse, I think its a timeless classic
  5. Oh the Muse. Tough decision.
  6. Can you post pics?
  7. Yes....I will now be posting pics of the Muse....I decided I couldn't bear to see it go..... it is gorgeous!!! I also :heart: the Fendi, but have had it for 6 months, and only used it once. I have a lot of evening bags, but no white bag......so there you go...the Muse it is!!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:
  8. Here it is....so pretty!!:heart: :heart:
    showing off 001.jpg
  9. I know it is none of my business but I am asking anyways! Where did you find a good deal on this bag?
  10. Hmm, I think the Fendi vanity is harder to find now but if you don't love it, get the Muse. It'll be really hot for fall. Patent leather gets dirty easily though and the white patent will yellow over time...=(
  11. Where do you sell your bags at?
  12. I bought it here in Hong Kong, at Milan Station, which I have talked about a million times, because I love it!!!!! I have bought the majority of my bags there!
  13. OMG it YELLOWS??? :throwup:
    Well I say keep it anyways...but if you notice it changing at all... sell it on the spot!
  14. Hmm that is BAD news!! Does that always happens to white leather??
    I wonder if that will happen to the Dior Gaucho whitebag?:sad: