Woe is Me (my Rouge Vif Quilted Debacle)


A BAL-enced Life!
Dec 6, 2005
So ... waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in August (or maybe even earlier), I was told by the folks at Susan/San Francisco that they would be getting the LARGE Quilted (Matelasse) in the Rouge Vif color. Well ... me being a huge lover of the color :heart: Red :heart: , I immediately pre-ordered the bag.

I finally got the box last Thursday (Nov-30), opened it up ... and ... :shrugs: ... WTF ... it was NOT what I had ordered!!! First of all, it was the same size as what I already had in Black (I've attached pics of my SMALL Black Quilted/Matelasse) ... so it was the SMALL size ... NOT the LARGE size!! Secondly, it didn't even look like the Matelasse that I already had! Yes, the front and back were quilted, but there was no pocket in the front, the handles didn't have the "regular" Balenciaga stitching ... and there was a Shoulder Strap. Basically, it looked like the "Box" style except that it had the quilting in the front and back.

I immediately called Susan and told them the situation. What kind of surprised me, is that the S/A told me that that was what I had ordered! NFW ... I had made sure to ask TONS of questions before I plunked down the C/C to order the bag (after all - it certainly wasn't cheap by any means!). I asked about the size; did it have a shoulder strap (I was told 'no' which would confirm that I indeed ordered the LARGE Matelasse), etc.

The S/A NOW tells me "well, I don't think that Balenciaga made the Matelasse in the Red color" (she cannot pronounce French words at all!). She has also been telling me "well, I've (her personally) never had this problem before ... I always describe everything extremely well ..." - HUH?!?! - not this time, honey!

So, here's my dilemma ... I've been told that they don't "really" take returns, but that the Store Manager is going to make an *exception* for me (since I waited so blasted long for it).

Do I:
  1. Ask them to send me the Marron Glace LARGE-size Matelasse?
  2. Get something from the Spring 2007 collection?
I can't even begin to tell everyone how DISAPPOINTED I was ... :crybaby: :Push: :cursing: :hysteric: !!!


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Jul 17, 2006
Yikes! is it possible to see a photo of this hybrid?
sorry, you must be so disappointed/pissed! I'd hold off until ss 07... you do after all already have a black matelasse... so if you were going to buy something from the spring collection, I'd save your pennies until then :sad:


Aug 16, 2006
So sorry about your ordeal Ceejay.

Just for clarification, are you asking what to order instead because you plan to do so anyway, or because they refuse to refund your money and out of the benevolence of their hearts will make an exception and allow an exchange?

If it's the former, I say wait for spring colors.

If it's the latter, then NFW can they make an error like that and stick you with it. Feel perfectly free to raise stinking hell and get your refund. You would win.


Jan 11, 2006
I believe I saw the bag you are describing in a magazine but it was in a turquoise color! Does the strap have a silver chain on it? I'd love to see a picture of the bag they sent you!!!!!!!


Luxury Consignment
Apr 19, 2006
That totally sucks, CeeJay. I wish there was a way to make them get what you ordered as it sounds devine. For your next steps though, it's tricky... I think you have to figure out what you really, really want else the sight of it could bring back memories of poor service and the bag they couldn't deliver. Is the large Matelasse that bag? Or has one of the new colors caught your eye?


Nov 10, 2005
:Push: so sorry they made a big mistake like that and are reluctant to take responsibility for it as well!

have u seen the marron quilted? perhaps u can ask for good pics to help u decide, if u haven't already...

i was never into the quilted ones...til I saw ur black one---and I must say, it is adorable! esp. all adorned w/the skulls, too! :heart: