Woe is me. I'm drinking alone.

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  1. Anyone else drinking tonight?

    I'm drinking sauvignon blanc, and I'm incredibly pissed off right now. Long story :rolleyes:

    Anyone care to join me? :shame: Is Club Bagnshoo open tonight? :nuts:
  2. Aww, sweety... I'm sorry... I can't drink with my medications (I'll pass out!) but I'll have a coke while you enjoy your wine!

    Just remember, NO DRUNK DIALING. But we can plot to hurt the bas**** who hurt you together!
  3. ^ lol, Speedy. No drunk dialing... I'm thinking about having a glass of wine. It's been a long week.
  4. Cristina,

    After a rough week at work I'm having a nice glass of Cabernet and planning to spend the evening at home with Cabernet, my dog and a DVD.

    Sorry to hear you had a tough day. Cheers!!
  5. LOL 'Peedy, you always make me laugh :lol::heart:

    Drunk dialing? Huh? Never heard of it :shame:
  6. Hey Cristina I bumped the bagnshoo thread for ya. A glass of wine sounds great!
  7. That is how I feel too - LOL!!! It is freezing here and I am bored outta my head!!! I made a cup of hot chocolate and have a can of whipped cream that I keep adding on top!
    grrrr and my smilies won't work!
  8. Line em' up!!! I could use a few Martinis about now. Cheers!!! I've spent my week in the hospital (not as the patient) and it's a darn good thing there is NOT a bar in here....There is one around the corner though:graucho: Ummm....gotta run.
  9. Gotta LOVE that whipped cream in a can!!! :heart: You need to add a little something to the hot chocolate though :graucho:

  10. Drunk dialing is when you call the person who upset you and mumble a bunch of stuff saying how he hurt you, how you'll never love another, etc, etc... then when he calls you back the next day, you tell him your phone was off all night and you have no idea what he's talking about. :p
  11. Me too, but not pissed off. Reloading the ipod. DH gone huntin.
  12. oh- bourbon and coke.
  13. I'd love a drink right now. Think I'll go mix one, and hope I don't fall asleep while I'm out for dinner.
  14. I will have a treat of some JD and Diet Coke soon. Rough week.
  15. Do I need to execute my hand to hand combat skills, Cristina????

    I won't drink with you, so I can drive you home later and make sure you don't drunk dial :sweatdrop: