WOC's chain length adjustment "clip"

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  1. Has any one heard of this accessory?
    I found some photo online like this one:
    I wanted to buy one for my mom but the SA said you have to buy a "big" bag in order to purchase this, although this can only use on WOC.....
    It will be great if anyone can share their experience using this, thank you so much.
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  2. I didnt see this before. It seems like a good solution for the length problem.:loveeyes: The chain is too long for me, as well.
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  3. Perhaps a "lobster clasp" could do the same thing, this resembles one a little bit??? It's a shame they don't sell this clip as it would benefit so many people and surely would encourage woc sales!!!
    I'm 5 ft7" so my woc and jumbo work well but these could be handy for more options for single strap/shoulder wear.
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  4. My understanding is that this clip was given out with the purchase of certain bags (Jumbos, I believe) years ago and not in the US (Australia, Asia and Europe maybe?). I use a ball chain...
    CCChain.jpg CCChain1.jpg
  5. Thank you everyone for sharing all the brilliant ideas!
    So this "clip" situation is a bit strange now, it cost nearly USD30, and it doesn't have any Chanel logo on it which I find it strange.
    There's a post from other forum about this clip saying it is not from official Chanel, it is purchased from China and they sell it in local Chanel store...
    Does anyone know about this matter?
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    I guess it depends on what your definition of "official" Chanel is. I mean technically Chanel purchases all their materials from somewhere, including all the hardware. The clip is unbranded, but it was part of the chain that was standard with the east/west flap so the clip isn't an entirely after-market modification piece. I highly doubt it is a piece exclusive to Chanel though.

    Oh and in reference to the cost, there really isn't a standard. Some boutiques gave them away for free. Some charged. What they charged varied store to store and region to region. This clip has been a thing of legend for years and has existed on the fringe. In short, don't expect SAs to know much about it or the boutiques to have them available. It has always been an unexpected bonus kind of thing, not a standardized, brand endorsed solution.
  7. I see, thank you so much for this detailed input.
    I will bring my other bags and give it a try if SA will sell this clip to me or not.
    I always buy my Chanel when I travel to Europe, so zero connection to my local store...
  8. When I was in Paris at Rue Cambon last year, I had a pic of this & showed it to the SA that was assisting me. He didn't recognize it & neither did another SA. I think it's one of those subjects that you can end up getting different answers on. Good luck. If you track one down, let us know. I do like looking at the hacks too. Thanks for those.
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  9. I see @ClothesFilly covered all I was gonna say about the clips. :smile:
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  10. I have two of these clips! my family was traveling and found them for me in one of the boutiques in Hong Kong. Price was approx $30 USD and comes in gold and silver. Doesn't say Chanel anywhere in them but definitely purchased at the Chanel boutique. HTH!
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  11. Yes, I tried to ask for one when I traveled to Paris this year, but apparently they did not know about this clip either.
    So maybe each country's Chanel can purchased their own "thing"?
    But glad to know my local store have it, they just not willing to sell it easily :shocked:
  12. I need these in my life! I need to figure out how to get one, they've listed these on ebay for $195 USD. I thought I read somewhere on TPF that they're more than $30 USD. I would have asked my friends last year who traveled to Hong Kong to help me get this had I known! Did your family have to make any additional purchases?
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  14. I got mine if Etsy