WOC with camellia

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  1. Hi

    I was in the Chanel store in Shanghai last weekend and I saw a black WOC with a leather camellia (black too)on the bag. I searched on the forum and no one seems to have bought this. Is this new or exclusive to Shanghai? It's a really special look!

  2. I saw a black one and an ADORABLE red one that is more like the 05 red with a touch of orange to it! I wish I could get it but I chose the Half Moon instead. The red one though is TDF!!!!
  3. This isn't new but sounds like what you're talking about:
  4. I have the black one. It's beautiful. I've had it for several months. I actually exchanged a half moon for it and then repurchased a half moon about a month ago! The nice thing about the camellia WOC is that is is dressy enough to double as an evening clutch, but can also be used as a crossbody daybag. I am very happy with it. I'll try to take some photos this weekend and post later.
  5. I love this bag its soo pretty and versatile! This bag is part of the classic collection so it is always available! I have to agree that it is a special look and not many people have this style either! I have only seen one girl wearing it IRL and she was trying it on inside the Chanel boutiques so that does not really count :P! This bag is on my loooong wishlist too! :yes:
  6. Hi NYCavalier

    No not this one. It is a camellia sewn onto the bag itself. It is 3D, not embossed.

    I called the Shanghai boutique on Sun and they told me it's been sold ;(. The SA told me it comes in satin as well!

    anyway i will make my way there this week again cos I don't really trust the SA when she told me it's sold out. The service is hit and miss. I had to describe the WOC in Chinese as the SAs can't speak English so prob something was lost in translation.

    Anyway who has a pix pls post!

  7. Hi judy

    did u get it in the US and pls tell me the price if you don't mind. and also style number. My brother is going to London and Paris and he knows nothing about Chanel so I hv to give him the style number so he doesn't get me the wrong bag! and if u hv a pix, could u post it here? it seems v few pple hv this WOC!



  8. yes i was told it is part of the classic collection. it looks so special and definitely is a head turner. i think it costs around USD1680 in Shanghai. it's on my wishlist now! ;)

  9. Hi amyamoure

    it looks like this is the one!

    thanks for the link!

  10. Which store u went to? There'r two chanel stores in shanghai now.
  11. oooh i'm outdated! i only know of the one at Plaza66. where's the other?

  12. there is a one newly opened in peninsula hotel on the bund
  13. i'm going there!! thanks for the tip! :biggrin: u r more updated than the Chanel website!