WOC: which one?

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  1. Black Quilted Lambskin WOC with SHW or Black Quilted Caviar WOC with GHW?

    I like both a lot so can't make up my mind. Lambskin is beautiful, but I'm scared of the potential marks! I don't have a WOC, FYI.

  2. No brainer - caviar with GHW.
  3. For WOCs, I prefer in caviar-I think lamb would be easily scratched especially if you plan to carry your WOC cross-body.
  4. I prefer carvier, as I went to boutique and saw the lamb WOC already get the mark from its chain inside the bag.
  5. Since its a WOC I would go with the caviar
  6. Thanks. That's the way that I was leaning, but needed a nudge.
  7. caviar GHW :woohoo:
  8. caviar ,,,
  9. Another +1 for caviar ghw *heart*
  10. Caviar. That's what I really want lol
  11. I also vote for the caviar but with shw instead. With that said, I do have a lambskin WOC from two years ago and no scratches at all. Really depends on your preferences.
  12. i prefer caviar on all bags for the reason you just mentioned it - so much easier to maintain!
  13. Thanks everyone! I got the Black Caviar with GHW! Love it!
  14. Good choice!
  15. Congrats!! I have the exact same one and It's such a perfect little purse! Enjoy!