WOC which one would you choose?

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  1. I recently lost a auction for a patent camilia woc in dark red. The woc is from last year and not avilable in the boutiques. I kick myself for loosing the auction. Fast forward I've come across a velvet black woc from bay and a silver woc which is avilable in the boutique.

    Which would you get? This would be my 1st channel purchase. :biggrin:

    Thank you for your input :flowers:

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  2. I like the second one, although its black it has some shimmer. But I might be biased since I am not a big fan of velvet. Let us know which one you chose and include modeling pics :smile:
  3. I'm not fan of velvet either, so I like the second one
  4. Hi! I posted more pics of the second one in a thread yesterday if you would like more reference pictures. It is metallic, very pretty if you are looking for a shiny bag. It looks different in different angles so these additional pics can help you decide! I wanted it to be more matte so I returned it. Good luck!
  5. ^^ can i please have the thread link/name.

    Thank you very much.
  6. I didn't go for the velvet bag..but still looking.
  7. I really like the second one I just don't personally like velvet plus the second one would match with more imho

  8. I don't know how to share links? But it was titled fedex came early... hTh!!!
  9. The second one its very pretty!
    I can't stand anything velvet either :smile: hehe
  10. Anyone like the boy bag in valvet? So glad that I didn't get the woc valvet.
  11. i love the boy bag in velvet- have you seen it anywhere? i would serioulsy get it if you find one and pass on it :smile:
  12. Since it's your first Chanel, I think you should get one from the boutique. I think the metallic grey is more versatile versus the velvet blue.
  13. agree
  14. I agree with everyone else, the metallic grey is nicer
  15. I'll go for metallic between these two, the velvet is more for winter to me....